The series "Iffet": actors and plot

The series "Iffet" is a Turkish film, whichwas broadcast from 2011 to 2012. Total shot 2 seasons, in which 80 series. The director was Faruk Teber, and the screenwriter - Kan Sinan. Each series lasts 90 minutes.

Furious popularity was the series "Iffet". Actors who appeared in the film received many awards.

Story line

The plot twists around Iffet (Deniz Chakyr) and Jamila (Ibrahim Celikol), in which the girl is in love. They meet for a long time, but the guy does not need love.

The outbreak occurs when Jamil rapesIffet at the wedding of her friend. After that, the guy had to pay off with big money. This fact, as well as the fact that Iffet is pregnant, are driving him to flight. But he does not have time to accomplish the plan, Beatul, also in love with Jamil, from her misfortune cuts her veins. The girl's parents are well-off, they had no trouble "buying" a guy.

At the same time, difficult days begin at Iffet. The actors told how difficult it was to shoot this period. The father strongly beats the heroine and expels from the house. Ali (Chief Iffet) delivers the girl to the hospital, where she loses her child.

The father changes his mind about the daughter when he learns about the rape. He injures Jamil at his wedding with Bitule, after that he surrenders to the police and already in prison asks his daughter to forgive him.

Ali's daughter, who arrived in London from the city, welcomes Iffet. But her opinion is changing a lot because of the slander of people. Especially since she finds Iffet when she was taking drugs.

A little later Ali makes the main heroine a proposal, she agrees. At this time, Gulim appears - Ali's former bride, she reports that she is pregnant. But the guy revealed her lies and marries Iffet.

After this, the newlyweds experience several bad moments and diverge. Already in the 68 series, Jamil and Iffet get married. In the 80th girl kills her husband, which ends the series.

Deniz Chakyr - Iffet

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The actress was born on December 31, 1982 (33 years). Her hometown is Ankara. After she graduated from the conservatory, worked in the theater, was shot in some commercials.

Denise's first screen work brought her fame. 2010 was an important year in her life, as the girl was awarded the award for best supporting role in the series.

The greatest popularity of Denise was afterfilming in the series "Iffet". The actors who worked with her constantly talked about her great talent. It is also known to the older generation living in the countries of the former Soviet Union. This is due to the fact that she played Shah Sultan in the "Magnificent Century". Chakyr is also well known to connoisseurs of theatrical art.

Some time Denise worked as a model, inresulting in an exhibition of her best pictures. Photographer was Serdar Gyuzel. In 2009 she was invited to work in the program "Private citizen". Interestingly, according to the authoritative edition of Fordes, Chakyr is one of the most attractive girls in Turkey.

Deniz had a long meeting with Ibrahim Chelikkol. Their relationship lasted about 3 years. They parted in 2013. Most recently, it became known that her young man - Oktay Kaynardzha.

Ibrahim Celikkol - Jamil

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In Izmit, this Turkish actor was born whosometimes it works as a model. This event took place on February 14, 1982. Now he is 34 years old. Before the movie, a man for a long time was a basketball player. What is it that turned his life so abruptly? Proposal to test your talents in the movie Pars: Narkoteror. Ibrahim got the role of Shalim.

Already in 2009 he began to star in the series. The most famous for him was the role in "Iffet". Actors of the series, by the way, are quite friendly with each other to this day.

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