Laura Haddock: Biography and Career

In this article, let's talk about the next actress born in a foggy Albion, namely about Laura Haddock. Consider her biography and acting career.

Laura Haddock is a famous British movie actress. The most famous TV viewer on the role of Samantha in the series "How not to live", as well as the series by David Goyer's "Daemon Da Vinci", in which the actress played Lucretia Donati.

Biography and personal life

Laura Haddock was born on August 21, 1985 in Anfield, Greater London, England.

From a young age, the girl dreamed of an acting career,but the possibility of training at that time was not provided. Spending her childhood in the town of Hertfordshire, Laura attended the "St. George's School", which she left at age 17.

Further, Haddock moved to London, where she began to study acting at Arts Educational School.

In 2013, on June 30, Laura Haddock married actor Klaflin Sam, before that the pair had been in the relationship for 2 years.

Laura Haddock

In January 2016, a young couple had a son.

Roles in TV shows

To date, the actress has participated in the filming of 11 TV series, in some of them played a permanent role.


  • "My family" - the role of Mellani (1 episode).
  • "Funny showcase" - Nikki (1 episode).
  • "Honest" - Carter Casey (permanent role).
  • Palace "- Lady Arabella Wesley (2 episodes).


  • "Monday, Monday" - played the part of Natasha (a permanent role).
  • "Backlash" - Dr. Clare (2 episodes).
  • "How not to live" - ​​the character of Samantha (a permanent role for two years).


  • "Missing" - Susan Grantham (2 episodes).
  • "Up and down the stairs" - Ballard Beryl (permanent role).
  • "Dancing on the Edge" - the role of Josephine (2 episodes).
  • "Da Vinci's Demons" - Lucrezia (permanent role).


In addition to roles in the series, Laura Haddock has a considerable list of roles played in the films, her debut took place in 2007, the starring actress played the role of Betan in the movie "Color of Magic".

In 2008, the actress was invited to the role of Miss Grosvenor in the film "Miss Marple: A pocket full of rye."

It will take three years - and on the screen there will be three films with Laura's participation:

  • "The First Avenger" is a fan with signatures.
  • "Overgrown" - plays Alison (the actress will be nominated by the film award "Empire", the best female debut).
  • "Wrath of Yeti" is the character of Ashley.

Laura Haddock

In the period from 2012 to 2017, Laura played three more roles in the films:

  • "The store twenty-four" - the role of Nikki.
  • "Guardians of the galaxy" - Meredith.
  • "Transformers" - played by Wemble Vivien.

Laura Haddock, whose filmography is not so small, in addition to cinema, played in two more theatrical productions in 2009:

  1. Famous Last - represented in the role of Triana.
  2. "Rutherford and Son" - Mary.

Laura Haddock is a true master of her craft, to her 30 years she reached considerable heights in her acting career.

Let's wish good luck to this remarkable actress and more bright roles.

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