"Tatyana's Day": actors and storyline

"Tatyana's Day" is a Russian television series,which was released on the screen in 2007. The series has one season and 221 series, each of which lasts 45 minutes. The plot line is tied to a love relationship between a young girl Tatiana and a man named Sergei. However, everything is not so simple. With Sergey another Tatiana gets acquainted - a rich and confident girl who is used to getting everything she wants. The series literally from the first series conquered the hearts of many women, forcing them to worry about the main character and sympathize with her.

"Tatyana's Day" (TV series): actors and storyline

As already mentioned above, the storyline is tiedon the relations of the poor girl Tatiana, who won the competition of student works and moved from the Saratov region to the capital. Together with the main character in Moscow, her mother also moved.

At the University Tatyana Razbezhinamet with her classmate - Tatyana. A young girl is the daughter of a rich and influential person in her circles. Being the daughter of an oligarch, Tatyana Barinova has got used to receive all that she wants, and nothing to return in exchange. Fate linked these two different girls with one passion and love for a man named Sergei.

Tatyana's Day: actors

Successfully graduated from Moscowuniversity, Tatiana Razbezhina arranged in a well-known construction company, where she meets her colleague Sergey Nikiforov. After a while, a romantic relationship is established between colleagues.

The emergence of a new rival

Tatyana Razbezhina, being in euphoria from feelings toSergey Nikiforov, tells about his rich friend. Barinova, in turn, shares with Tatyana her secret secret. It turns out that she recently met a young man who turned her world around and forced her to look at things around her quite differently.

"Tatyana's Day" television series actors

After a while, happy and inspiredlove girls learn that their attraction is caused by the same person. Tatyana Razbezhina, being confident in the friendship of her friend, decides to break off relations with Sergei Nikiforov, expecting from Barinova the same actions. However, the daughter of the oligarch is not used to retreat from her goal and tries in every way to get Sergei's attention only to her alone.

What will her actions lead to? Will there be a chance for a poor and naive provincial girl Tatyana Razbezhina to have a full-fledged relationship with Sergei Nikiforov? This and many other things you will learn by looking at this touching and romantic TV series.

"Tatyana's Day": actors and roles

The roles in the television series "Tatyana's Day" have received morenot quite known actors, due to which he became unpredictable and exciting. Agree, it is much more interesting to look at the game of new actors, how they convey their feelings and experiences, than each time to recognize this or that famous person.

The actors of the TV series "Tatyana's Day" are very touchingtalk about the time spent on the picture. Despite the disagreements of the characters in the series, the two Tatyans made friends in real life. The role of Tatiana Razbezhina played Anna Snatkina, and the rich daughter of an influential oligarch from Moscow - Natalia Rudova.

actors of the series "Tatyanin Day"

Cyril Safonov chose screenwriters for the role of the insidious seducer of young girls. All the actors were approved after a number of relevant castings for roles in the television series.

Interesting facts about the show

After the series was released,many years. For this time in the television series Tatyana Razbezhina married and gave birth to a daughter. The relationship between the protagonists, Tatyana Barinova and Sergei Nikiforov, in the TV series "Tatyana's Day" interwoven very touchingly. Actors really sincere played family life, the first quarrels and quick reconciliation.

However, the marriage of Tatiana Razbezhina was not successful andlong-lived, a couple of years later the couple broke up, but maintained a friendly relationship in the television series. Also there was an accident and funeral of Gennady Perepelkin for the last time since the release of the TV series "Tatyanin Day". The actors told the fans that funerals and despair were very hard to play.

"Tatyana's Day": actors and roles

To receive a role in the TV series "Tatyanin Day" the actors passed numerous castings. For example, 49 people claimed the role of Sergei Nikiforov, and 45 actresses played the role of Razbezhina.

"Tatyana's Day" - a television series, the actors of whichperfectly conveyed the atmosphere of rivalry and love, it is necessary to please any woman. After all, it's so touchingly intertwined lines of characters, forcing viewers to worry for every step they take.

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