Sogdiana: biography of a talented Ukrainian from the East

Once upon a time in the territory of modernThe country of Sogdiana flourished in Uzbekistan. It was so beautiful, rich and fertile that some scientists call it one of the cradles of civilization. And a talented girl who sang well and with all her heart loved the country in which she was born and grew up, decided to take herself the stage name of Sogdiana. Biography of the now popular singer is of interest to many fans of her work. In what family was she born, which way was passed? What is she, a singer of Sogdiana?

sogdiana biography

Biography: Oksana Vladimirovna Nechitailo

The future pop singer was born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on February 17 in 1984. Oksana's parents had nothing to do with the scene (and music in general). My mother is a doctor by training, my father is an engineer. Only my grandmother sang for a while in the church choir. But little Oksana from the young years showed a stage talent - she arranged concerts for her relatives and friends. Parents decided to develop the makings of her daughter and gave her to the music school. Gliere. 11 years later Oksana graduated from it (in piano class). The enthusiasm of others and even the forecasts of her great future in music did not bring her satisfaction, and decided then to learn more about Sogdiana's vocals.

Biography: the beginning of a career

sogdiana singer biography

The young performer took part in allpossible musical competitions, both republican and international. Almost always after the project could boast of an honorary diploma of the laureate. But she wanted more, and she started recording her first compositions. Sogdiana's debut album the world saw in 2001. 2003 was the year of national recognition in the home country, it received a prestigious award, which was awarded to the most talented young performers of Uzbekistan - the state award "Nihol". In 2004, real hits appear in her repertoire, and very quickly the singer Sogdiana becomes popular.

Biography: participation in the "Star Factory"

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In 2006, the young singer is invitedto become a participant of the famous pop show "Star Factory-6". Producer of the singer was Victor Drobysh. She did not become the winner of Sogdiana, but she was remembered for a long time with all her bright appearance, sincerity, fascinating look and, of course, charisma. One of the journalists said that Sogdiana is a combination of a brilliant mind, amazing beauty and unsurpassed talent in one person. The song "Heart-magnet" became a hit, and in 2006 the singer received the Golden Gramophone Award for her performance. After the "Factory" together with other participants went on tour and Sogdiana.

The biography of the actress is also rich in actingworks. At a time when in the concert halls the singer was collecting the sold out, the cinemas presented the audience two films with her participation: "Sogdiana" and "Khoja Nasreddin". In 2008 the first Russian album of the performer, entitled "Heart-magnet" was released.

Sogdiana: biography


The singer's nationality is Ukrainian, but she grew up in Uzbekistan, since Sogdiana's parents moved there before her birth.

The singer was married twice. The first marriage with the Indian Ram was short-lived. The son of Arjun (born in 2007) now lives with the former husband of Sogdiana. Now the husband of the artist is businessman Bashir Kushtov, together they bring up the 3-year-old son of Mikail. The elder son of Sogdiana also plans to win back from her husband and soon to take him to her.

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