The city of Kostroma. The circus is the place where tigers become kittens

The Kostroma regional circus began its history over 130 years ago.

Kostroma circus

The circus did not have an exact address for a long time, this was due to the difficult situations in which the employees of the entertainment establishment got because of the lack of space for performances.

History of migrations

At the beginning of the activity the circus was presentedtroupe of booth masters. Kostroma viewers were fortunate enough to see their performance at the end of the 19th century. We can assume that the show was held in tents, as the personal building for the presentations appeared much later. Temporary shelters, called circus tents, did not suit the artists of the city of Kostroma.

The circus on Lenina Street was built in 1884,was perceived by the actors well. But it had to be dismantled. The building began to collapse, so it became unsuitable for performances. Construction was started on Susaninskaya Street: for unknown reasons the building was not finished.

In the early 20th century (1928), circus artists foundown house at the crossroads of Tekstilshchikov and Komsomolskaya streets in the city of Kostroma. The circus because of the construction and material existed only 42 years. In 1970 the house burned down.

Remembering the "Old Circus" ...

Representatives of the older and middle generations to the question: "What associations do you have with the old city?" - answer monosyllably: "Kostroma? Circus!".

The program included not only standard numbers withanimals, clowns, but also performances on the ice. Probably, therefore, the inhabitants have such associations: for them, the circus was almost the only place where they could rest and have a good laugh.

Unfortunately, there are no records ofPresentations that take place in the very first buildings. Only memories connected with the wooden frame, backfilling "The Old Circus" have reached us. In its history, the names of the brilliant arena masters are inscribed: lion tamer Irina Bugrimova, actors Durova, clowns Vladimir Eyzhen, Oleg Popov, Pencil and others.

kostroma circus program

It is interesting that the source of many numbers (for example, "Yak and Shepherd" Vitaly Tikhonov, "Illusion Revue" Zinaida Tarasova) became Kostroma.

Fairy tale in Kostroma

Until the spring of 1984 the artists performed onlyin the summer, in large tents. The 100th anniversary of the first performance for artists and spectators opened the doors to a new beautiful circus that still exists.

kostroma circus address

The round arena rose in the Peace Square and introduced a note of grace into the wooden (at that time) city. Thanks to him, Kostroma was transformed.

The circus is distinguished by aristocratic and light architecture. In it laconically connected such materials as brick, marble and velvet.

It is pleasant not only for the warmth, radiatedactors, but also interior decoration. In the bright glazed foyer you can meet the participants of the performance, trained circus animals and sellers with souvenirs. One, but a fairly large auditorium for 1625 seats is equipped with soft, comfortable seats, flowing over a small but roomy arena.

Change in the mores of people: changes in newspaper articles

The circus was shining not only from the pages of periodicals, but also from postage stamps and envelopes.

circus kostroma

Practically in every Kostroma newspaper editionin the first years after the opening, they praised architecture, performances and even toilets. However, six years later the interest disappeared, and soon the mercy of journalists changed to blasphemy.

Publications poured from their bands frighteningstatements about the deplorable state of the institution. They wrote that the circus (Kostroma) is on the verge of destruction, that it needs capital repairs, which, unfortunately, is sorely lacking in material means. Cheap tickets, originally sold at the box office, were replaced by unreasonably expensive. Dressed in the style of "antivandal", could not withstand the influx of Kostroma inhabitants.

In 2007, the circus was closed ... Fortunately for Kostroma citizens and guests of the city it was closed only for reconstruction.

In 2010, the leadership was replaced. The new director took up the building. The foyer was again glazed, the leaking roof was covered, the scuffed walls were painted and adjusted.

Long live the circus!

The circus revived. Together, the city revived in it. Information boards, located on the streets of the city, began to shout about the upcoming performances.

Now in the arena of the Kostroma State Circus there are actors who represent such famous programs as:

  • "Django" - a bright exciting show with a lot of enchanting rooms.
  • "Shows of water, fire and light" is a program that concisely combines modern technologies and gifts of nature (light, water and sound).
  • "The Triumph of the 21st Century" is a presentation of Zapashny (junior), which demonstrated the ability of a person to make wild tigers cute kittens playing with mirror balls.

The arena is actively used not only for circus performances, but also for concerts of pop stars. Repeatedly there was a group "Hands up", Elena Vaenga and Verka Serduchka.

Now the Kostroma Circus lives full life: it accepts stellar guests and large crowds of circus artists in its walls.

Where is the circus now located in the city of Kostroma? His address is as follows: Prospekt Mira, house 26.

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