"The Happy Life of Xenia": actors and roles

The premiere of the series "The Happy Life of Xenia"the actors of which are represented in this article, was held on August 26, 2017 on the TV channel "Russia-1". The film was shot by the film company Mediaprofsoyuz, directed by Alexei Bogdanov ("Caution, Entry Permitted", "Version", "BOMZh.Zh.", "Krasin's Protection", etc.). Judging by the reviews, the whole series liked the audience. A considerable role in this was played by the selection of actors who managed to get used to the images of their heroes.


The main heroine of the series Xenia, a student of the 1stcourse of the economic faculty, clever and shy, have to make a difficult choice. She must decide which of the young people to give preference to: photographer Misha - a shy, modestly living, like she, or Dima - handsome of a rich family, who knows how to beautifully look after. As a result, the girl still accepts Dmitry's proposal and marries him, unable to resist his charms.

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Subsequently, the couple is born a child. However, instead of the expected fairy tale, Ksyusha's life turns into hell. A rich mansion is a cage, and the mother of her husband is a real overseer. Unable to endure such a life, the girl dares to take a desperate step: she escapes, taking her child with her. Her life begins with a new leaf. Xenia manages to independently, without someone's help, open a new business and get back on their feet. In her life there is a man - a beautiful, rich, ideal - the dream of any woman. And suddenly she suddenly meets Misha again ...

"The Happy Life of Xenia": actors and roles

The main role was played by a young actress born inOf Belarus (city of Molodechno) - Anastasia Dergaus. The girl studied at the School of Russian Drama. IO Gorbachev, who graduated in 2015. The role of Xenia is her film debut. Judging by the reviews of the audience, it is quite successful.

the happy life of the xenia actors and roles

The image of Dmitry Spitsyn embodied on the screen actortheater and cinema Stanislav Tkachenko. A graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts. He works at the Maly Drama Theater of St. Petersburg (since 2007). He played in productions "Life and Fate", "The Snow Queen", "Blah", "Lord of the Flies", etc. In the film it was removed from 2005.

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His filmography, in addition to "Happy LifeXenia "(the actor excellently played handsome, who can turn his head), includes such films as" Chef. Game for promotion "," Investigator 2 "," Alien area "," Gaspardum "," Abyss "," Khmurov "," State protection 3 "," Personal circumstances ", etc. Married to actress Anastasia Semasheva.

The role of Michael went to the actor Pavel Goncharov. He studied at the School of Russian Drama (1 year) and the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts in the course of Sergei Dmitrievich Cherkassky (graduated in 2012). He played at the Mokhovoy Theater of Learning (Light Souls, Conway's Time and Family, The Stage Mirror, etc.), the Theater of the Comedian's Haven (Warsaw Melody), the Alexandria Theater (Solaris).

happy life xenia actors

Since 2010 he is actively filming in the cinema. He took part in 30 projects, including "High school students", "Investigator", "Officer's wife", "I'm looking for a companion", "Zarnitsa", "Love says", "Tiger's trace", "Nevsky", "Hunter for heads "," Chief. New Life "," 28 Panfilovites "," Commissioner "," Not in Money Happiness ". In 2018, it is planned to enter the screens of the film "Secrets of the city of EN", where Pavel Goncharov is also removed. In the series "Happy Life of Xenia", the actor played equally well both the shy young man and the adult man.

Actors of the second plan

Not less talented performed their roles and otheractors of the series "The Happy Life of Xenia": Pavlovets Andrey and Sotikova Irina, who played the parents of Dima Spitsina, Zarubin Eugene, Ubell Kristina, Chekanov Nikita and others.

the happy life of the xenia actors and roles

All of them coped with their task, forcing the viewer to empathize with the characters of the picture, worry for them, rejoice with them.

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