"Locust": actors of domestic erotic thriller

The film "Locusts", the actors in which were shot verypromising, came out in 2015. His premiere was accompanied by a fleur of novelty: erotic thrillers until the moment to remove our directors did not dare. However, "Locust" - a film project in this, fresh for the domestic cinema genre. In May 2015, the picture was shown at the Cannes Film Festival.


"Locust" - a film with a fascinating plot. In the center of history is an all-consuming and passionate feeling. Artem and Lera are completely different, like opposite poles. By chance, the daughter of a wealthy parent is faced, accustomed to not deny himself anything, and an ordinary guy from the outskirts, earning a builder. But suddenly a flushed love between them, so different, will never fade away. Lera is forced to marry in order to save her father from a debt pits. But their mutual attraction with Artyom does not weaken even after years. The guy is ready for the sake of the beloved for everything, even for a crime.


The main duo

The image of those who are hungry for each other's loveembodied Paulina Andreeva and Peter Fyodorov. For Paulina, whose name is now in everyone's ear, the picture was the first experience of the main role. Now the actress is already in high demand with the directors. She starred in popular TV series "Method" and "Thaw". Soon two more multi-series films with her participation will appear on the air: "Sleeping" and "Better than people". The beauty attracts attention of the audience not only fruitful career, but also a novel with the director Fyodor Bondarchuk. Bondarchuk is really fascinated by Paulina, and soon the wedding of the stars will take place.

paulyn andreeva

Peter Fyodorov has already managed to play in majorfilms such as "Inhabited Island", "Stalingrad", "Yolki-2". On the shooting of the tape "Locust" actors were forced to play in a variety of frank scenes - no wonder, because the genre of the picture was designated as "erotic thriller." Andreeva admitted that it was incredibly difficult to shoot in such episodes, but the director Egor Baranov managed to create the necessary and delicate atmosphere. The actors convincingly turned out to be a fatal passion. The spectator is imbued with their fiery feeling and watches with interest the shocking turns of the plot.

Other people

In the movie "Locusts" the actors are notamateurs. Dmitry Shevchenko played the rich wife of Lera, and Catherine Volkova realistically portrayed the well-to-do wife of Artem, Natalia, on whom he marries from despair. Natalia sinks her loneliness in alcohol, realizing that her husband can not forget Leroux. In the episodic role of Artyom's friend, you can see Evgeny Stychkin. Appeared in this movie and Evgeni Dmitriev, Maxim Pinsker and Alexei Gorbunov. In the movie "Locust" actors all without exception played quite realistically.

locust movie

Producers of the project were Konstantin Ernst andAlexander Tsekalo, who has repeatedly received TEFI for organizing and financing successful projects. It is noteworthy that later on the First Channel was shown a more voluminous version of this burning story as a mini-series of four episodes. The action is accompanied by the charming music of talented composers: Oleg Chubykin and Alexei Aigi.

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