Theater of the Russian Army: big hall layout, contact information

A striking architectural solution, grandiosethe size of the building and the main hall, the impressive possibilities of the stage and the special organization of events - under the control of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. All voiced - the Central Theater of the Russian Army in Moscow.

About the theater

The theater of the then Red Army began its gloriousactivity in 1930. His house was decided to make a striking masterpiece of Stalin's Empire style - the building of the form of a huge five-pointed star, designed by VN Simbirtsev and KS Alabyan. In operation it was introduced ten years later - in 1940.

If you look at the scheme of the Great Hall of the TheaterRussian Army, then there is no doubt that it is recognized as the most ambitious among all the halls of world drama theaters. The height of 6 floors, designed for more than 1,5 thousand spectators, it is remembered for all those who have visited here. Separate attention deserves the scene recognized as the largest in Europe, it is possible to deploy a natural battle scene, and build a whole military unit, and even drive freely by car.

central theater of the Russian army

But the main thing in the theater is the troupe. Here it is simply exemplary. On the stage they shone or shone:

  • E. Steblov;
  • O. Cabo;
  • L. Chursina;
  • Yu. Komissarov;
  • A. Domogarov;
  • B. Plotnikov;
  • V. Soshalsky;
  • F. Chenkhankov;
  • V. Zeldin;
  • L. Kasatkina;
  • L. Golubkina and others.

On the stage of the Russian Theater, and before the Red andThe Soviet Army also held KVN games, and concerts of domestic and foreign stars. In his constant repertoire of 19 performances - Russian and European classics, modern plays:

  • "Gzhel";
  • "Mistress of the Minister";
  • "Wolves and sheep";
  • "Old-fashioned comedy";
  • "Stingy";
  • "Hamlet";
  • "Tsar Feodor Ioannovich";
  • "Gull";
  • "Forever alive", etc.

Theater of the Russian Army: a scheme of the halls of the Big and Small

In the Great Hall can be at the same time 1520viewers. Comfortably you can sit in the stalls, amphitheater and on the balcony. With the scheme of the Great Hall of the Theater of the Russian Army you can find out below.

theater of the Russian army

The small hall is 450 comfortable armchairs.

central theater of the Russian army

Contact information about the theater

The most convenient way to get to the theater is by metro train - in the immediate vicinity of it there is the station "Dostoevskaya". Address of the institution: Suvorov Square, 2.

You can buy tickets for performances, performances, concerts and other events both at the theater ticket offices and online at its official website and at virtual ticket offices.

The scheme of the Great Hall of the Theater of the Russian Army further demonstrates its scale and grandeur. But the greatest pride is a troupe, a collective of directors-directors.

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