"The Origin of the World" - a painting by Gustave Courbet

"The origin of the world" - a picture of Courbet, scandalous and shocking. She had a very restless fate, changing the owners, and has not been exhibited for a long time.


It's worth starting with him, for everything is in it. Already a name sounds provocative: Genesis, or the Origin of the World, or just sex. It was to this that the artist offered to look. An impersonal torso of an anonymous woman with a sacrilegious pubis and vulva is depicted. Even today the picture inevitably continues to bother the viewer. And morally, and aesthetically, and politically. People in front of the picture are embarrassed. After all, the work is full-scale. And her gross sensuality is extremely strong. However, the unobtrusive roundness of the abdomen indicates the birth of a new life. That is, the artist tried to mix the depravity and fertility.

The Kurbe shocked society in the 19th century. The canvas continues to cause negative reactions to this day. The artist shows reality without embellishment, such as it is. This is the position of a woman in sex. But he does not allow her to identify without drawing her head. That is, it is a collective image of a woman on a dark background and white sheet. In addition to the pubis and slightly slightly open nipple, there is nothing more to look at. That's what shocking, annoying, and causes disgust.

Supposed models

The artist deliberately concealed the woman's face, creating a generalized image. But we assumed that it was written, and then cut off.

the origin of the world picture
However, later studies rejected thisopinion. When Courbet painted the painting, his constant model was Johanna Hiffernan. There is a completely decent her portrait of the brush Courbet, which is in the United States.
kurbe the origin of the world picture

But she was the beloved disciple of Courbet. He abruptly ceased all relations with the artist after the appearance of this impudent canvas. Here is how the disciple of Courbet portrayed her.

picture of the origin of the world Gustave Courbet
As a "Symphony in White No. 1" or as "A Girl inwhite ". If you perceive the model in this way, the "Origin of the World" (the picture of Courbet) will be really blasphemous and disgusting, which, in fact, really is. There is one more presumed model - the Countess Loane.

picture of the origin of the world 1866 Güstav cube

But this, too, has no exact proof. In this respect, the "Origin of the World", the picture of Courbet, is very mysterious.


Life of the canvas was meandering. Its first owner in 1866 was a Turkish diplomat who hung it in the bathroom, hiding behind a green curtain. In 1868, "The Origin of the World" (painting Courbet) falls into the gallery, more precisely in the antique store of Mr. Narde. Presumably, from 1912 to 1913, she changes the owners (Bernheim) and finally gets to Hungary to Mr. Hatvani. He, too, is hidden from prying eyes. But during the Second World War its tracks are disappearing.

In 1955, "The Origin of the World" (painting Courbet)pops up in the house of psychoanalyst Jacques Lokan. The previous owner is unknown. There it is also kept secret. On top of it another cloth is hung. From 1981 to 1995, negotiations are under way to buy the canvas and transfer it to the Orsay Museum in France, where it is still under bulletproof glass.

Style direction

Courbé began to work, denying academicism inpainting. After a period of realism, he moved on to that direction in literature and painting, which is called naturalism. The brightest representatives of this trend in literature were Emile Zola and the brothers E. and J. Goncourt. They were contemporaries of Courbet. In accordance with their ideas, under the influence of Spencer's works, the picture "The Origin of the World" comprehends life. Gustave Courbet abolishes all taboo concepts, causing an outburst of resentment.

Maxim Du Camp, writer, poet and critic,resented even fifteen years later: "This is a worthy illustration to the works of the Marquis de Sade." Such emotions evoked the picture "The Origin of the World" (1866). Courbet Gustave quite consciously worked in this direction in an impartial image of the physiological manifestations of human relationships ("Sleeping", "Turkish Bath"). Courbet as an artist-naturalist seeks to turn a person inside out, find in him what he does not suspect, spy on him in the keyhole, viewed under a microscope. It is precisely this difference that exists between healthy realism, which evokes sympathy, and healthy, albeit not always joyful, emotions, and naturalism, which shows too much attention to physiology. Thus, Courbet led his work to the sexual revolution that came later. But the task that he set himself - the accuracy of the image - is now performed by the camera. As, apparently, he himself believed, getting scandal for the scandal, he took place as an artist. But Courbet received neither the recognition of his contemporaries, nor money.

Who is interested in Courbet

In the poverty of Courbet died. "The origin of the world" - a picture for a narrow circle of admirers. It is organic for the concept of naturalism (sexual intercourse, the birth of a child). Attention of a person thinking about the main issues - about why we live and what will happen later, it will not attract. But these questions necessarily every once in a lifetime every person is asked.

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