Let's see what a track is

Many of those who often or sometimesorders goods from foreign online stores, face such a feature as the delivery of goods - it is fast and quality, and it can be long and frivolous. It all depends on the particular online store. The end user wants to get the ordered goods as soon as possible, therefore, such a thing as a track code was invented. What is track code and how to use it - we'll tell you about this in this article.

what is a track

Delivery of goods

Agree that not every online storeconscientiously approaches the question of delivery - sometimes the goods can get lost for several months in an unknown direction. To prevent such incidents, there is a track code, which is a unique set of letters and numbers assigned to your package, and allows you to determine where it is at the moment.

Letters and numbers

But what is a short track? This is the same as the normal track code, the main difference lies in the number of characters (there are fewer). In addition, it is usually assigned to the wholesale purchase of goods.

The track code often looks like this:thirteen characters, of which only four letters and nine digits. This is an officially recognized international format. According to the last two letters in a similar number, it is possible to understand from which country the delivery was made (for example, if the endings denote the letters RU, then from Russia, if CN is China).

what is a short track

Shipping Cancellation

The question of what a track is, practicallyevery user of the online store. This system also allows you to withdraw the delivery, if necessary. For example, if the maximum period for free delivery has expired and you are tired of waiting for the transfer of the goods. By the way, it should be said that the track code is not always assigned - usually for this money is taken by the sellers of the goods or by mail employees. Most often, especially in Chinese online stores, it can be purchased for a quite symbolic amount. Even if the cost is more than five dollars, it is better to fork out, rather than long months to remain unaware of where your order is now. That's why you need to have an idea of ​​what a track is.


He also plays a second, no less important role -acts as your "lawyer" in the event that a poor-quality or damaged product has come. Or when you need to open a dispute on the site and ask the owner for a full refund. In this case, the track code is the only proof that the goods were sent and you are labeled as substandard. But do not be surprised if the seller answers in the spirit of "what is a track?".

what is a track code

Error or fraud

It is necessary to warn that varioussellers, scammers send their customers the wrong track codes, so that buyers not only can not track the goods, but lose all that money spent on it. It is very easy to deal with this - contact the seller and ask for the correct trekking number, otherwise you can threaten to open a dispute at the online store forum, in which you can encourage people not to buy goods from this seller. And it's generally illegal to deceive your customers.

But often it happens that the seller simplymixed the numbers or letters in the track code, because of what you, again, can not track the goods. In this case, the scheme is the same - write to the seller and ask for the correct number.

Now that you know what a track is, youyou will always use it. Believe me, it's better to give an additional two or three dollars for the track number, than to sting and spend months waiting for a product that could potentially not be sent at all. Thus, these digits allow you to quickly and efficiently monitor the current course of your package and quickly conduct various operations with it, including the ability to withdraw the delivery of the goods and return the money spent on it.

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