Irina Markova - a riddle of the cinema of the 90s

Actress Irina Markova, whose biography is stillIt interests many TV viewers, was born on July 8, 1973 in the city of Minsk. A few years later, her family moved to Moscow, and Ira was forced to move to a new school at number 1003. The training took place without any special quirks and difficulties, which allowed the girl to get a quiet secondary education. In the future Irina decided to try her hand at acting.

Irina Markova: filmography

Irina Markova

After graduation from high school Irina wentto conquer show business: she dreamed of becoming part of this fantastic world. The result was the participation in the film "Show-Boy" - a teenage drama in which various representatives of the society are depicted, their views on life, morality, behavior are vividly presented.

In 2 years the next film in his career was releasedactress - "Nastya". This time Irina Markova played a modest girl, reincarnated from the "gray mouse" in a charming woman. The film is permeated with ease and sincerity, so it looks in one breath. Both heroines have charisma, which allows viewers to completely submit to their charisma.

"Showboy" (1991)

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Melodrama "Showboy" was filmed in 1991. Director Victor Volkov, who is also the screenwriter of the film, is known for his participation in such films as "Dangerous Trivia", "Dancing on the Roof", "Publication". In the drama "Show-Boy" Viktor Volkov acted as a director, songwriter and composer. He needed an actress who could portray a young interdevochku, forced to work in the bed of influential businessmen. Irina Markova impressed the director not only with her model appearance, but also with the ability to "keep her face", to combine inaccessibility and complete submission to the bosses.

The plot of the picture is simple and uncommon: teenager Andrei Dymov, who plays in the popular "Vacation" group, loses his head from Maria's new acquaintance. Over time, they both understand how powerful their feelings are, but the moment is inevitable when the truth will come to light. Masha is an ordinary putan, and Andrei's concert director is her "employer". Throughout the action, the actress looks like an inactive character, and this despite the fact that she is the performer of the main role. According to many critics, this behavior is annoying and puzzling, but it fully corresponds to the director's version. And what else does a sex worker look like?

After the release of the picture, Irina Markova received several invitations to participate in the filming of films, of which she chose the easy painting "Nastya".

irina markova biography

"Nastya" (1993)

When choosing an actress for the role of reincarnatedAnastasia Plotnikova Georgy Danelia, the director of the painting, was looking for the distinctive feature in the nominees, which would characterize the heroine as restrained and at the same time unassailable. Irina Markova played prettier Nastya - a girl who with all her heart was trying to get a model appearance. But after the dream finally came true, the heroine realized how much the inner qualities are more important than the sweet exterior.

According to the idea of ​​the director, "beautiful" Nastya shouldwas to preserve the vulnerable modesty and childish naivety of the heroine. Since Irina at that time was different precisely in her ability to maintain the right expression, she managed to play a somewhat reserved person, embarrassed by the circumstances that had fallen on her. Until now, fans of the actress recall the images of Markova, who keep a mystery in her ...

Irina Markova today

After filming in two Russian filmsthe actress left the cinema, completely devoting herself to close people. For spectators, it was a big shock: the beginning actress was expected by great prospects, and probably in the future it would conquer more than one heart of fans. Today Irina Markova lives in Moscow with her husband and daughters-twins.

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