The film "Beast Nicknamed": actors and roles

In 1990, the movie "Nicknamed"Beast. "This film does not belong to the best domestic paintings of the perestroika period, but it can not be added to the list of films created in the genre, which is usually called the dissonant Russian word" chernukha "or the mysterious French" noir. " in the movie "Beast-nicknamed"? Actors and roles are presented in the article.

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The contents of the film

The actors of the movie "Beast Nicknamed" did not have towork on creating contradictory and complex images. The heroes of the picture are rather patterned. In the center of the plot is a young man who passed the war in Afghanistan. On his return home, Savely Govorkov (and this is the name of the main character, who later will be called "Beast" for indomitable character and fearlessness) is assigned to work for a businessman named Alik.

In parallel, the love line is developing.On the horizon appears a girl named Larissa, with whom Savelius has a romantic relationship. But their happiness is hampered by the anti-hero, namely Alik. As a result of the conflict with the employer, the protagonist is behind bars. Savely, of course, did not violate the law. The criminal case is completely fabricated. Larissa Alik's minions are sent to a psychiatric hospital.

In prison, Savely has a hard time.In addition, he heard rumors that the tentacles of the almighty and treacherous Alik and here can overtake him. But Savelia is not easy to break. In addition, in prison he has a friend nicknamed "King." The royal nickname is given to him not by chance. A new friend of Savelia is a thief-in-law.

It makes no sense to retell the story in detailthe movie "Beast nicknamed". The actors created images of simple heroes on the screen. By the end of this story, the protagonist is still at large, defeating the enemies and getting his girlfriend out of the clinic. So, who played in the movie-action movie "Beastly nicknamed"?

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The director of the film is Alexander Muratov. The picture was created based on the book by V. Dotsenko "The Time for the Mad." Below is told about the heroes and performers of the main roles in the film "Under the nickname of the Beast".

  • Dmitry Pevtsov.
  • Tatyana Skorokhodova.
  • Boris Shcherbakov.
  • The Leap of Jumpers.
  • Yuri Nazarov.
  • Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.
  • Vladimir Anikin.
  • Vladimir Samoilov.
  • Yevgeny Evstigneev.
  • Vadim Yakovlev.
  • Igor Yasulovich.
  • Vladimir Eremin.
  • Boris Klyuyev.
  • Valery Nosik.

The actor who played Savelia is Dmitri Pevtsov.This work, of course, did not become his debut. Prior to the premiere of the movie "Beast nicknamed" the actor has already played in the film adaptation of Gorky's "Mother" and in two more films. But the role of Saveliy Govorkov is the first major role of Pevtsov in the cinema.

Tatiana Skorokhodova

The name of this actress is known to a few spectators.In addition to the role of Larissa in the film, referred to in this article, Skorokhodova played in 14 paintings. One of them is called "Mafia is immortal." After filming this film, the actress left for her native city of Irkutsk, got married and did not act in film for more than ten years.

Boris Shcherbakov

For the first time Soviet viewers saw this actor inthe film "Mandate." Then Shcherbakov was only twelve. In the movie "The Beast", the actor played a negative character - a dishonest merchant Alik. By 1990, Shcherbakov's account had 69 works in films. He was one of the most popular actors in Soviet times. But even today, several films with Boris Shcherbakov are published each year. His filmography currently has more than 200 paintings.

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Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

The executor of the role of the thief in the law played roles incinema is more than Shcherbakov. Moreover, almost all of his characters were remembered by spectators. The famous epigram of Gaft dedicated to Jigarkhanian perfectly describes this actor: "Much less in the land of Armenians than the films where Dzhigarkhanyan played."

In the film, Evgeni Evstigneev also played. The great actor who performed the role of Professor Preobrazhensky two years before the release of this picture had to create an image of a prisoner on the screen.

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