"Great." Actors of the series about the famous woman

Surely every fan of historical filmsalready had time to watch the domestic series "The Great". Actors were able to perfectly depict their characters, telling the viewer about the formation of Catherine II. About that time, which could get a loud name "Golden Age". About conspiracies, palace intrigues and personal dramas of the main character. Based on historical facts, the creators of the series "The Great", the actors of the film could show the viewer many political events that influenced the course of Russian history. But the accent was still made on the person of Empress Catherine. It's no secret that a smart and powerful woman was very loving. Much of what she could achieve in life is the merit of her favorites. With her legal husband Catherine was not lucky. But she could choose lovers ...

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The Great. Actors and roles

So, more in detail. Who played in the movie "The Great"? The actors were chosen perfectly. This is Snigir Julia (Ekaterina), Derevianko Pavel (Peter III), Surkova Natalia (Empress Elizabeth), Bogatyrev Mark (Zalessky Vasily), Sergey Shakurov (vice-chancellor Bestuzhev Alexey), Medynich Olga (Vorontsova), Shmakov Ivan (Peter in childhood ), Strugachev Semyon (Lestok), Trubiner Pavel (Orlov Grigory), Bykovsky-Romashov Dmitry (Lomonosov), Matveyev Vladimir (Apraksin), Noskov Ilya (Saltykov Sergey), Sidash Mikhail (Ryzhov), Ulyanov Dmitry (Potemkin Gregory), Terelya Victor (Shuvalov Petr), Frolova Svetlana (Princess Dashkova Catherine), Kiy Nikolay (butler Shuv Vlasov Igor (II) (doctor of Catherine), Apolon-Raeva Maria (maid of honor Elizabeth), Batarev Ivan (Orlov Alexander), Devdariani George (English captain), Smirnova-Katsagadzhieva Svetlana (Gagarina Anastasia), Raven Leonid (Shetardi) , Fitz Van Tom (George Friedrich von Martens), Savichev Ilya (Peter III in his youth), Polevtsova Oksana (maid of honor Catherine), Kucherenko Kristina (young Catherine), Menshikova Elena (II) (senior nun), Nazarov Alexey (III) ( priest), Korenkov Sergei (Holstein officer), Ingelevich Alex (Shut), Kutuzov Elizaveta (daughter Zaless th). In a word, many famous artists played in the film "The Great". The actors did their best. Most of the reviews on the series are positive. Although…

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Not all viewers are happy

Not only do these actors get good reviews. "Great" - not the best historical picture, if you believe the words of those who had time to look at it. In order to talk about reliability, you should first read the work of Pikul called "Favorite". It needs to be screened after that. Many TV viewers say this.

The viewer very often "pities" Shakurov. Comparing his game in the "Great" with the game in the "Palace coups". The difference is palpable. Although only this actor plays "really" well in this film.

The play of Pavel Derevyanko the viewer is also not particularlyimpressed. Just like the work of Julia Snigir. Natalia Surkova played her role magnificently. In short, the film was rated by few. Reviews about it are quite contradictory.

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Everything is relative

Actors of the movie "Great" ... Did they play wellyour characters? It is worthwhile once again to compare their game with other actors in such paintings ("Catherine" or "Tudors"). The latter unequivocally win. However, even if Reese Myersa Alexandrova is not up to the charisma, then, compared to the game of the main character of the "Great", she's just a fine fellow! What is the problem of the characters of the TV series "The Great"? The viewer claims that they seem to be some sort of cardboard-patterned, played in some "wrong" traditions.

Derevyanko (Pyotr Alekseevich) played his parta little clumsy. The hero of it did not turn out, according to critics and viewers. Looking at the game Yatsenko, who played in "Catherine", you understand that the choice of the actor is more successful.

Ekaterina, performed by Snigir, was also not appreciated by many. In a word, opinions about the game of actors are divided.

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Let's sum up. The viewer leaves different opinions about the film "The Great". Actors and roles impressed not everyone. Someone liked the work of artists, some did not. Nevertheless, the film did not remain without attention. To see it to you or not, you decide for yourself. It is worth saying one thing: if you are interested in history, be sure to pay attention to the picture! Surely you will be interested to evaluate the work of the director and actors. In any case, the film crew tried as best they could. Enjoy watching!

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