Onscreen handsome men: the Salvatore brothers and the Winchester brothers

Well, why are the characters so appealing? The thing is that they embody the finest qualities in one person. At the screen macho there are no minuses, capable to frighten off the girl. And if you add the hero's appendix and a drop of wild sexuality, then the image of the idol is ready. Beware, girls! These are the ones to whom exactly will not be able to resist - the brothers Salvatore and the brothers Winchester. The ladies of the whole world divided into two camps, unable to decide who is better. And can we solve it, focusing only on facts?

Brothers Salvatore and Brothers Winchester

The first duet

The first couple of relatives are the Salvatore brothers. These are the main characters of the television series "The Vampire Diaries". First in the center of the narrative is Stefan, the younger brother. He is a vampire, but rather diligent, as he tries to do without human blood, studies at school and even makes friends with many peers. In his life suddenly appears a girl, a copy of an old lover. This is Elena. Elena has a whole heap of her own problems, beginning with the recent death of her parents and ending with 15-year-old brother Jeremy, carried away by light drugs.

Relations between Stefan and Elena are tied and logicaldevelop. But then there is a sudden complication in the form of Damon, this "bad guy", the full antipode of Stefan. Damon is the elder brother of Salvatore, who, by the way, vied with Stefan for the heart of that oldest lover (Catherine). It seems that Damon embodies only cruelty and vampirism. But the attraction to Elena is his weak point. The love triangle of the brothers and Elena - the main plot of the series "The Vampire Diaries", 1 season.

brothers Salvatore

The second pair

Brothers Winchester - the main characters of the series"Supernatural." This is Sam and Dean Winchester, whose roles were played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Eccles. Brothers travel the country and from time to time kill otherworldly demons. Guys are very different. They are orphans, and their choice of fate as a whole was determined in childhood, when under mysterious circumstances the mother of boys died. However, Sam still wants to give up life in the supernatural world and return to everyday life. His distracting factor is always Dean, who encourages him to go in search of the missing father and avenge his mother. Brothers constantly risk their lives, but out of situations they go out with humor.

Vampire Diaries Season 1

Who will win?

What do we have in the end? Bartia Salvatore - beautiful and daring vampires, able to turn mountains for love. They do a lot of evil, but they do well in good deeds. All actions are driven by the desire to save friends.

Brothers Winchester - the defenders of ordinary people, theirprotection on the verge of worlds. In their lives, too, there are girls, but brotherly love could not stand the test of a triangle. In this moment, the Salvatore brothers showed themselves to be a more full-fledged kindred duet. After all, they were able to get out of such an embarrassing situation with honor and even keep friendship between all corners of the triangle.

There are rumors that Winchester and Salvatore canpush your foreheads in a new project. The authors really want to go through the vampire sagas. So the mix of characters is quite possible. Who will appear brothers Salvatore in the world of Winchesters, will show time and interest of spectators. The authors are intriguing, saying that the inclusion will be smooth and harmonious.</ span </ p>

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