Chris Angel is the best illusionist of the decade

Chris Angel is known throughout the world as an illusionist. The skill of this character can only be compared with his idol - Harry Houdini. He is also known in narrow circles as a musician, but mostly popular as a magician.

Chris Angel


He began to learn the magic of Chris at the age of seven. This happened after his aunt showed one card illusion. He had a desire to study this sphere, and already at the age of 12 he showed his parents the hardest tricks of cards and the ability to levitate.

His family helped him to become an illusionist. Native support Chris, and along with his own desire, it helped him master mastery at such a high level. He worked tirelessly for 12 hours 7 days a week.

Chris always said that the main dream wascreate an art that he would like. He took the focus of Harry Houdini, but at the same time improved them, adding a bunch of adrenaline and risk. Each of his tricks could suddenly break off and lead to Chris's death.

Chris Angel

Creative activity

Chris Angel created the most amazing illusions. He was buried in a coffin, after which he was elected in an hour and a half, and all who tried to do it before him (there were 6 people) were killed. He was also moved by an asphalt ice rink, after which he remained alive. Still there is a known trick of this character, which is called "levitation": Chris Angel flies over the roofs of houses. He also walked on the water, and did it with his eyes closed. And he has many such tricks, it is difficult to list them all at once.

His famous show Believe is one of the mostprofitable in the world's capital of entertainment - Las Vegas. Also, one of Chris Angel's most popular shows on American TV, called "The Magic of Chris Angel", was held.


The illusionist was born in 1967. His name was given to Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos at birth. He has brothers - JD and Costa. His father died in 2006 of lung cancer. This, of course, affected Christopher himself. He dedicated his legendary trick to his death, where he spent levitation on one of the brightest springs on earth.

magician Chris Angel


Chris Angel lived married to Joanne Winckart for 11 years. After he divorced her, he had several novels with famous girls from show business.

On September 7, 2011, he made an offer to Sarah Gonzalez. It happened during dinner, at sunset. After that information about his personal life did not slip into the Net.


This person is also famous for being shot in18 episodes in a well-known series called "Crime Scene: New York", where he played the role of Luke Blade. According to the scenario, his character killed his victims in very sophisticated ways, using tricks.

The Chris Angel show


There was an incident with the show Phenomenon, when they chosethe best psychic. Jim Callahan claimed that he guessed the contents of the box, summoning a spirit that he had been told. Although Geller was delighted with performances, but Chris did not like them. He said that if he really believes himself to be a psychic, let him guess the contents of his envelope, for which magician Chris Angel will personally hand him a million dollars out of his pocket. Because of this, quarrels arose between the two people.

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