Konstantin Belyaev - biography and creativity

Today we will talk about who Constantine isBelyaev. His biography will be examined below. It's about the author and the performer. His work relates to the genre of thieves' songs. Compiled a series of couplets called "All around the Jews."


constantin belyaev
Konstantin Belyaev was born in the villageGreat Valley, not far from Odessa. The mother of the future artist Nadezhda Alexandrovna was an employee of the state farm. My father was killed at the front, his name was Nikolai Zakharovich. Until 1953, Konstantin Belyaev studied special boarding school. A number of subjects in this institution were taught in English. I went to Moscow. Became a student of the Institute of Military Translators. I studied there for three years. During the post-war demobilization, almost the entire course of his institute was disbanded. Belyaev went to Almaty to the Otar station. There he taught English for a year in high school. I went to Moscow. Became a student of the Institute of Foreign Languages. He graduated from the university in 1960, having received the specialty of an English teacher and an interpreter. By distribution I got to Sheremetyevo airport. He took the post of dispatcher-interpreter.

In custody and at large

In 1983 Konstantin Belyaev was convicted of "illegal fishing" for 4 years. The term served in the walls of the colony with a reinforced regime near Vologda, in Ustyuzhna. The investigation lasted about a year. The future musician for this period has changed 4 prisons. After his release, he was in the garage societies a night watchman. Later he became a tutor of a boarding school for orphans. In 1988 - 1993 he worked in private business. At the same time, I started actively recording. In 1996, he worked for the first time at a professional studio called "Rock Academy". Soon the first solo disc was released. In 2009, our hero was operated in a Moscow hospital. After that, he was transferred to the intensive care unit. There he died in 2009, on 20 February.


konstantin bieliaev biography
Konstantin Belyaev wrote songs mostly on poetryother authors. Also performed other people's compositions. In particular, the musician addressed in the songs to the work of Yevgeny Yevtushenko, as well as Igor Ehrenburg. In the repertoire of our hero about 400 songs: romances, lyrics, Odessa-Jewish. He also recorded with MV Inozemtsev at a studio called "Northern Motif". Although he preferred to work with Moscow friends Vyacheslav Samvelov, Sergei Lepeshkin and Alexander Volokitin. In total since 1966 has let out 73 concerts and an album. Constantly the restoration and digitization of old old records created by our hero is being made.

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