Humorist Andrey Burym: biography and creative activity

Andrew Burym - a participant in many humorous shows. Do you want to know which projects it has lit up on? Are you interested in his creative and personal biography? We are ready to provide the necessary information.

Andrew the brown

Andrew "Burym-Burym": biography, children's time and youth

He was born in 1973 (November 16) in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. Our hero was brought up in an ordinary family. From an early age, Andrei showed a great sense of humor and love for the scene.

At school the boy was not bad at school. His favorite subjects were music, work and painting. But with the exact sciences of the matter he did not develop so well.

At the end of high school, Andrei Burym enteredto a local university. After 5 years he was awarded a red diploma. In his specialty (teacher of history and social psychology), he never had time to work.

Television career

In the period from 2003 to 2006, our hero played in KVN as part of the team "Va-Bank" (Lugansk). Even then, Andrei realized that humor and the scene are his main vocation.

Soon Burym together with his friend Sergei Stakhovcreated the duet "Good evening". In this composition, the guys performed in the 6th season of the program "Laughter without rules" (TNT). They managed not only to reach the final of the show, but also to become its winners. Comedians from Kiev received a solid monetary prize (over 500 thousand rubles.) And the opportunity to participate in another project TNT - "Slaughter League".

Andrew "Brown-Brown" - comprehensively developedpersonality. His work is not limited to some performances on stage. He earns money by leading various events (corporate parties, weddings, anniversaries). Our hero writes scripts for other humorists who are making their way to success.

And Andrey tried himself as an actor. One of the Ukrainian directors invited him to appear in the picture "Lombard". The well-known comedian familiarized himself with the script and gave a positive response.

Andrew Brown brown biography

New project

In October 2014, on the Ukrainian UFO channel, TV was released as a sitcom called "Sushimushi". One of the participants was our hero.

In an interview with print publications, Andrei Burymrepeatedly admitted: all the characters he plays and his friends - not fictional. Each of them has real prototypes. These are ordinary gopnik, which is in any city in Russia and Ukraine.

Personal life

Our hero is a cheerful, handsome and educated person. Around such men there are always many fans. And indeed, Andrei Burym never complained about the lack of female attention.

Currently, a popular comedian hides his private life from prying eyes. It is known only that he is married and has two children.

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