Ekaterina Devyatova - the presenter of "Petrovka, 38"

Modern television is oversaturated with variousbroadcasts and even more TV presenters. Far from all of them have the ability to locate the audience, and even more so become key figures in TV channels. It is not surprising that on the screen often new faces are replaced by old ones, whose names and surnames are unrealistic to remember the day after their last broadcast. Ekaterina Devyatova - news anchor - does not apply to this number.

First appearance on the screen

In her youth, the future TV presenter did not even expect to get to the screen. And in a fairly popular broadcast.

Ekaterina Devyatova

Root Muscovite, excellent student and justcharming girl, she saw her way differently. Ekaterina Devyatova graduated from MGIMO, after which she sought herself as an expert in international relations. However, life turned all the plans, moving it to the studio of the little-known TV channel "Capital Plus". It was here that in 2006 Ekaterina Devyatova first appeared on the screens of the country.

Does not pass a year, as an attractive girl,who holds the position of chief editor of a second-rate television channel, invites the leadership of the Zvezda channel to the main news program.

She does not have much time to work on this channel. Ekaterina Devyatova ends her cooperation with Zvezda in 2010. The daily news release allows the girl to hone her professional skills, which soon will contribute to the fact that she notices the leadership of another no less popular TV channel - TVC.

Yekaterina is the ninth leading

"Petrovka, 38"

Since 2010, Ekaterina Devyatova has becomeTV presenter "Petrovka, 38" - a project that in a short time locked to the screens of thousands of viewers. It is this transfer that brings the girl popularity. In addition, participation in this project contributes to her appointment to the post of representative of the GU MVD RF, approved by Lieutenant-General Yakunin himself - the head of this agency in Moscow.

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