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biography bianchi
Tatiana Lipnitskaya was born on September 17, 1985In Minsk. Since childhood, Bianca is fond of music and vocals. And she took professional lessons. This is a young, active girl, leading a rich lifestyle. The full biography of Bianchi is presented in this article: the beginning of the career, hobbies and personal relationships of the singer.

Carier start

Tanya studied in the folk choir, 4 years sheperformed with songs "Kalinka" and "Birches". However, she was expelled from the choir, since the girl's vocals differed from the standard one. It was at that moment she decided to engage in variety singing. Sergei Parkhomenko (rapper Serega) invited Bianca to participate in his group. And at the same time she was invited to represent Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest. But she did not agree, since working with Sergei seemed to her a more profitable proposal. Biography Bianchi as a singer begins precisely since 2005, because then the girl together with Maxim Lawrence recorded her first popular song "Swan". The song became a soundtrack to the blockbuster "Fight with the shadow" and won first place in the charts of Ukraine.

Biography of Bianchi. When the nickname appeared

Serega gave the girl a name that latercalled everything - friends, acquaintances, fans. According to the singer, she liked this nickname, and it fully characterizes it. Therefore, when Tanya began her solo career, without much hesitation, she took the pseudonym "Bianca". He more than her native name, fit the style of R "n" B.

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Biography Bianchi: an open question about personal

After Tanya started working with Serega, inthe press appeared gossip about the fact that they are a couple. However, it is not known exactly whether the novel was or not, only the singers themselves know. However, this is not all loud rumors. After the release of the video, in which Bianca participates in erotic scenes with both men and women, gossip about her bisexual orientation has appeared.

Singer Bianca. Biography of the first performer in the genre R "n" B

Many in the domestic show business have triedengage in this genre. However, this kind of music in Russia did not take root. As Tanya herself considers, the style needs to be adjusted to the Russian performer. That is why in her music, folk instruments, tunes and motifs are often used. It is possible that this move attracted thousands of fans. Now we can say with certainty that this direction enjoys great popularity in Russia and Ukraine.

Biography of Bianchi. What else is there to say?

The singer is removed in her videos. In this case, she responds responsibly. Her clips are always bright, interesting and full of emotions. The girl often falls into fainting due to strong physical exertion.

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Exposures and revelations

Bianca starred in her videos almostcompletely naked. She participated in a candid photo shoot for the magazine "Maxim". According to her, this edition is the only one that publishes not pornographic vulgar pictures, but the natural beauty and sexuality of women.

Bianca. Biography: family

The singer is not married. However, if you believe the rumors, Tanya sought to enter the stage to win the heart of a loved one. It is not known for certain whether this is true or the fiction of the yellow press.

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