Summary. "Priemysh" (Mamin-Sibiryak), readers' reviews

The article describes an interesting and instructivestory, its summary is presented. "Priemysh" (Mamin-Sibiryak) teaches the readers of true love, when for the sake of the neighbor you sacrifice personal interests and desires.

What is this story

summary of the adoptive mother of siberian

So, let's begin our brief content. "Priemysh" (Mamin-Sibiryak is its author) is a short story of three parts. The first part can be called "Acquaintance", in it the main character meets a swan-adoptive. In the second part, the owner of the hut, old Taras, lovingly tells the guest about his new pet. The third part is the final and the most sad, in which the hero learns that the swan has left the foster home and flew with its relatives to warm lands.


summary of the adoptive mother of the Siberian reviews

"Priemysh" (Mamin-Sibiryak) begins with a descriptionthe way a hunter walks in the warm summer rain through the forest and admires the surrounding nature. He goes to Lake Svetloy and goes to the old hut, which is almost completely hidden in the tall grass. Sobolko runs out to meet him. At first he barks barkingly, but then he recognizes the guest and joyfully welcomes him. The hunter enters the hut, melts the Russian stove and waits for the owner - old Taras, who is already at the age of ninety. The old man does not even remember when he was born, saying that this was before the French invaded Russia in 1812. Earlier, the grandfather of Taras had a family, but his wife and children died, and he began to live in a hut in the woods, hunting and fishing.

And then the visitor finally saw the old man: he sailed in a boat, driving ahead of himself a beautiful white swan. The hunter, of course, was surprised and began to ask the owner what kind of bird it was. Grandfather Taras said that "city gentlemen" came and shot a "swan with a swan", and their chick hid in the reeds. The old man pulled it out and brought it home, settled it in a shed and cared for it. Swan-adoptive got used to the grandfather and the dog, became a member of their small family. The guest noted to himself, with what love and warmth the host spoke of his adoptive.

After spending the night, the hunter left, promising the old manreturn in the autumn. He kept his word and returned to the hut at the beginning of winter. Old Taras was very saddened and sadly told the guest that he had to let go of his adoptive. "King-bird" can not survive in the barn, she needs will.

Readers' opinions

That's all the summary. "Priemysh" (Mamin-Sibiryak), the readers' reviews about which are set out below, is a short but instructive story. All who read it, note that this work is poetic, at the same time touching and sad. He teaches understanding of true love, when he is ready to sacrifice his desires for the sake of another.

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