"Mom unwillingly": actors and features of the film

Today we will talk about the film "Mom willy-nilly". Actors and roles are presented below. Directed by Eva Strelnikova. The screenwriter is Albina Ilchenko.


mum willy-nilly actors
Let's discuss the plot of the film "Mom Willy-nilly". The actors are presented below. The heroine is fifteen-year-old Julia. Her mother is killed in a car accident. Guardianship is entrusted to Tatyana Smirnova - a very lonely woman and a successful surgeon. Julia blames her for the death of her mother. Therefore, the conflict is growing. Here, Julia's father, Igor Vorontsov, interferes with what is happening. He is a jazz musician in the past, and now he is a trumpeter at a funeral. Its occurrence in the life of Tatiana and the girl influences the development of the described life situation.

Key players

Musician Vorontsov and Tatiana Smirnova are the main characters in the film "Mom Willy-nilly". Actors Igor Vernik and Irina Grinyova performed these roles. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Igor Vernik was born in 1963. He plays in Chekhov's Moscow Art Theater. People's Artist of the Russian Federation. He conducted programs: "Good Morning on the First", "The Seventh Sense", "The Male Club", "The Rake-Time". Worked on the radio, acted in clips.

Irina Grinyova was born in 1973., in Kazan, on February, 6th. She studied at the Theatrical Institute. Visited the School of Dramatic Art A. Vasiliev. She studied in the class of expressive plastic. In the theater, the first role was the image of Mage in the production of "Playing Classics." The play was staged by Vladimir Ageyev by H. Cortazar. At the Vysotsky Festival for this role, the actress received the "Best Debut" award. Joined the staff of the Moscow Stanislavsky Theater.

Sergei Kalantay played Viktor Kalugin. The actor was born in 1964, on May 31, in Kiev. He graduated from the Theatrical Institute. He studied at the course of Professor VI Winter. He played on the stage of the Kiev Theater on Podol. Collaborated with Passinger Fabrik and Fisch und Plastik. It's about the Munich theaters. He taught acting in Munich and Burghausen. He graduated from the German Higher School DSA in Munich.

Veronica Vernadskaya performed the role of Julia. This actress was born in 1995, on May 7. On the Sparrow Hills attended the lessons of the Young Muscovite Theater. Educated at the New York Film Academy. Became a student of VGIK. She chose the faculty of "film direction", entered the studio of A. Eshpai.

Other heroes

mum willy-nilly actors and roles
Svetlana - Tatyana's sister - and Emma - the formerIgor's wife - two characters in the movie "Mom unwillingly." The actors Alyona Kolesnichenko and Antonina Makarchuk performed these roles. Stanislav Melnik played Cyril - a friend of Julia.

The judge and prosecutor also appear in the plot of the film "Mom unwillingly." Actors Natalya Lyashenko and Stanislav Moskvin performed these roles. Yuri Potapenko embodied the image of the lawyer of the guardianship council.

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