"Ghost Ship": actors, story, reviews

It's hard to find a horror fan who has not heardabout the movie "Ghost Ship." Actors, excellent coping with their roles, an interesting storyline and impressive visual effects brought this horror box office success and high ratings on film sites. Directed by Steve Beck, a year before this pleased movie fans with the horror film "13 Ghosts." We learn more about the actors of the film, the plot, as well as the opinion of critics.

"Ghost Ship" actors


Gabriel Byrne, Julianne Margulies, Emily Browning,Desmond Harrington - actors of the film "Ghost Ship", who performed the main roles. Gabriel Byrne is known for his role as Lord Byron in the film "Gothic," Ken Russell and the priest in the mystical thriller "Stigmata." "Ghost Ship" was not the first horror for him, in 1999 he played Satan in the film "The End of the World". This actor perfectly embodied on screen captain Sean Murphy.

A small role of the survivor on the ship duringthe tragedy of the girl opened the public the talent of young actress Emily Browning. After the release of the film on the screens she became a popular actress, starred in the films "The Darkness Comes", "Lemony Snicket", "Uninvited", "Prohibited Reception", which were highly appreciated by fans of fantasy and horror.

actors of the film "Ghost Ship"

For the movie "Ghost Ship" actors, basically,selected experienced, though not the most stellar. For example, for Desmond Harrington, the role in the film "Ghost Ship" can be called a real breakthrough. Before that, there were no such successful projects in his filmography. After entering the screens of this horror, Desmond played the main roles in the films "Turn Not There" and "Neon Demon". Among his successful television projects is worth noting the series "Dexter" and "Gossip Girl".

Julianna Margulis received a certainfame after the release of the drama "Evelyn", where she played the main female role. Even more popular was the Horror about the ghosts of Steve Beck. Although in the filmography of this actress at the moment more than 100 films, one of the best is considered to be "Ghost Ship". The actors did not receive any awards for this film, but they got the demand and recognition of the audience, which is much more important.


1962 year. A huge passenger liner confidently dissects the waves. Rich and successful passengers dance at the party, not even suspecting that in a few minutes they will all be brutally killed at once. To escape death it is possible only to little Katie, who suddenly turns out to be alone on a huge liner surrounded by corpses.

After many years, rescuers suddenly discover this liner. Investigating him, they face an unruly evil that has been wandering around the cabins for 40 years.

"Ghost Ship" actors and roles

Reviews and Fees

Opinions about the painting sharply dispersed: the film received mostly positive feedback from viewers and mostly negative reviews from critics. It was noted that the horror turned out not terribly enough, but the plot - primitive.

However, the audience liked the film. With a budget of $ 20 million, box office fees amounted to about 70 million. So unexpectedly among the most successful projects of the year was the critically acclaimed "Ghost Ship." Actors and roles have been chosen so well that for many performers of the main roles and roles of the second plan this film became a push for the future film career.

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