Artistic image in literature and art

Any work of art created bya talented artist, leaves a "deep trace" in the heart and mind of the viewer or reader. What has such a strong impact, makes you deeply experience and empathize with what you saw, read or heard? It is an artistic image in literature and art created by the skill and personality of the creator who was able to miraculously rethink and transform reality, to make it consonant and close to our own personal feelings.

What is the artistic image

The artistic image in literature and art -this is any phenomenon, generalized and creatively recreated by the artist, composer or writer in the subject of art. He is clear and sensual, i.e. is understandable and open to perception, and is able to evoke deep emotional experiences. These features are inherent in the image because the artist not only copies life's phenomena, but fills them with a special meaning, colors them with the help of individual techniques, makes them more capacious, whole and voluminous. Naturally, unlike the scientific, artistic creativity is very subjective, and it attracts primarily the personality of the author, the degree of his imagination, imagination, erudition and sense of humor. A vivid image in literature and art is also created through the full freedom of creativity, when the artist opens up the boundless distances of artistic fiction and the boundless ways of expressing it, with the help of which he creates his work.

The peculiarity of the artistic image

Artistic image in art and literaturediffers surprising integrity, in contrast to scientific creation. He does not dismember the phenomenon into its component parts, but considers everything in an indivisible integrity of the internal and external, personal and social. The peculiarity and depth of the artistic world is also manifested in the fact that not only people but also nature, inanimate objects, cities and countries, images of character and personality characteristics act as images in works of art, which are often given the appearance of fantastic creatures or, on the contrary, very mundane , everyday objects. Landscapes and still lifes, depicted in the paintings of artists, are also images of their creativity. Aivazovsky, drawing the sea at different times of the year and days, created a very capacious artistic image that in the smallest nuances of color and light conveyed not only the beauty of the sea landscape, the artist's worldview, but also awakened the imagination of the viewer, causing in him purely personal feelings.

The image as a reflection of reality

Artistic image in literature and artcan be very sensual and rational, very subjective and personal or factual. But in any case it is a reflection of real life (even in fantasy works), as the creator and spectator tend to think in images and perceive the world as a chain of images.

Any artist is a creator. He not only reflects reality and tries to answer existential questions, but also creates new meanings, important for him and for the time in which he lives. Therefore, the artistic image in literature and art is very capacious and reflects not only the problems of the objective world, but also the subjective experiences and reflections of the author who created it.

Art and literature as a reflection of the objectivethe world grow and develop with it. Times and epochs change, new directions and trends arise. The through artistic images pass through time, transforming and mutating, but at the same time new ones appear in response to the demands of the times, historical changes and personal changes, for art and literature are, first of all, a reflection of reality through a constantly changing and proportionate time system of images.

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