Participant of the reality show "Hunger" Karina Sabirzyanova: her biography and personal life

Karina Sabirzyanova - bright and attractivegirl. She became famous thanks to her participation in the reality show "The Hungry" (TNT). Do you know where she was born and studied? How did her private life come about? If not, we recommend you read the article from beginning to end.

Karina Sabirzyanova

Karina Sabirzyanova: biography, childhood and youth

She was born in 1982 in the capitalRepublic of Tatarstan - Kazan. Her parents are educated and respected people. Father and mother raised Karina as a princess. She always had beautiful outfits and interesting toys.

Our heroine grew obedient and inquisitive girl. She had many friends and girlfriends. In the school, Karina studied "quartet" and "five", and favorite subjects were literature, music and drawing.


After graduating from high school Karina Sabirzyanova entered the journalism faculty of Kazan University. She was considered one of the best students of the course.

Parents provided financial assistance to their daughter. But at some point, Karina wanted to become financially independent. Excellent external data allowed her to build a successful model career. In addition, the girl worked as a presenter on local television. Behind it was fixed the rubric "Recreation and Entertainment".

Participation in the show "Hunger"

In 2004, TNT channel producers announced a casting for a new project. "Hunger" - this name received a reality show with a tempting prize (the winner will receive $ 1,000 a month for life).

Our heroine decided to take part in thistransfer. The money prize was of the least interest to her, because at that moment Karina had a very wealthy and generous fiancé. The girl wanted adventures and bright emotions.

Karina Sabirzyanova biography

Karina Sabirzyanova was among the participantsa unique television experiment. A few girls and boys were to live in a house stuffed with cameras. They were waiting for various competitions and assignments.

Red-haired beauty liked many guys on the project. A special sympathy for her experienced Alexander Konstantinov. He showered the girl with compliments and found reasons to hug her once more.

Karina Sabirzyanova (see photo. above) stayed on the project for 31 days. She was not going to leave the reality show, but it turned out differently. In Germany, where the "Hunger" shooting took place at that time, her fiancé arrived. In a beautiful setting, he offered her a hand and a heart. The groom presented Karina with a ring and a huge bouquet of flowers. Taken to tears, the girl agreed. That day she left the project. Most of all Carina's care has upset Alexander Konstantinov. For this month he not only became attached to a beauty from Tatarstan, but fell in love with her whole heart. And it seems that the girl guessed about his feelings.

Personal life

Karina and her fiancé played a magnificent wedding in their nativeKazan. At first, their family life was calm and happy. However, the girl soon realized that she was cold to her chosen one. She often thought of Alexander Konstantinov. But the most surprising thing is that the guy did not forget about her for a minute.

Sabirzyanova first came into contact with Sasha. The winner of the Hunger project was glad that she again appeared in his life. After the divorce Karina moved to Moscow. The couple in love was finally able to connect.

Karina sabirzyanova's photo

For several years, Sasha and Karinawere in a civil marriage. In 2013 they were born twins. Happy parents gave their children beautiful and rare names. They called his son Clim, and his daughter Olivia. A couple of months after the birth of the children, Karina and Alexander went to the registry office, where they simply and without frills signed.


Now you know how Karina Sabirzyanova is after the "Hunger" project. She can be called a loving wife and a caring mother. Let's wish her professional development and endless family happiness!

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