Lee Williams: biography, career, filmography

In this article, let's talk about the famous English actor and model. This is Lee Williams. We will discuss his biography and career, we will devote time to his filmography.


Williams Lee was born on April 3, 1984 in the cityBangor, Wales, UK. From his earliest childhood, the boy wanted to become an actor. When he was 11 years old, his family moved to Shropshire, and six months later to Warrington.

After graduating from high school, Li beganto realize their dreams and entered the art school, which was located in Lancaster. Then the beginning actor moved to London, where he entered the College of Design and Arts. This educational institution is one of the six best colleges located at the University of London.

Lee Williams

After receiving a decent education, Williams Lee began to work, he organized fashion shows.

Career Model

In organizing the screenings, Williams thought about itabout the career of the model. A little thought, the guy decided to seriously go to the podium. The next two and a half years, Lee is solely engaged in his hobby, and he did well. The guy worked with such designers and companies as Calvin Klein, Vivienne Westwood, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana.

Photos of the young, promising guy who got carried away by fashion, appeared in such magazines as Marie Claire, Attitude, Elle, Vogue, The Face, Mizz, i-D, Arena.

Constant demonstrations and photo sessions well exhausted Lee, during his travels he managed to live in New York, Paris and London.

Actor career

In 1998, Williams Lee was casting for the filmThe Wolves of Kromer, the guy got the role of Seth, who was the main one. Although the film was low-budget, Williams wanted to withdraw in it, since childhood he dreamed of being an actor.

After the debut, Williams began to invitevarious roles in movies and TV shows. Mostly the actor played episodic roles. Behind Lee, about two dozen played roles. In 2003, the actor was on the list of nominees for the Canadian Gemini Award for his role in the film No Night Is Too Long.

Williams Lee movies

In addition to the movie, Williams Lee starred in such clips,like Electric Barbarella, Suede and Babies. He also released a play called Round Robin, which tells of an artist who suffers from Alzheimer's disease.


Wonderful actor Williams Lee, whose films are not widely known, has a considerable list of roles (in brackets the year of the film's release is shown on the screen):

  • "Still crazy" - the role of the young Kease (1998).
  • "Wolves of Cromer" - played Seth (1999).
  • "Billy Elliot" - Tutor (2000).
  • The series "City Gothic" is a character Carter (2000).
  • "With you and without you" - Ben (2001).
  • "No night will not be long" - Cornish Tim (2002).
  • "The Forsyte Saga: For Rent" - played the role of John Forsythe (2003).
  • The series "No Angels" - character Patrick (2006).
  • "No night will not be long, a sequel" - Tim (2006).
  • The series "Ideal" - played the role of Luke (2007).
  • "Hotel Babylon" - Harrison Jake (2008).
  • "Tudors" - Testwood Robert (2009).

To date, Lee Williams turned 43 years old, many more years ahead, for which you can play many more roles. Let's wish him luck.</ span </ p>

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