Composition in landscape design

For a complete picture of your backyarda clear composition in which no element should be superfluous. The composition in the design is subject to a common idea, an idea, and only then will the created become a whole cloth, and not a set of individual segments.

Imagine that the site is a canvas on which you, the artist, are required to paint a picture.

composition in design
The brush and colors will be provided by nature itself, it will also offer other opportunities for the product to please the eye.

Landscape design. Composition of contrasts

Natural elements do not have a regular shape. But they can be conditionally divided into geometric figures: flat and three-dimensional. Trees, shrubs are a conditional ball or cone. Flower beds - flat forms, and linear have curbs, paths, fences.

To create a harmonious composition, indesign, as a rule, combine three-dimensional and planar forms. Plots, for example, are surrounded by flowering bushes, and the borders of the pool are "colored" by ensembles of stones or flower plantations.

Pay attention to the amount of objects in the composition. So, often for the design of the landscape, the principle of similarity is used: the elements are selected by their size.

design landscape composition
But the principle of contrast is no less effective. Any tree seems higher next to small shrubs, and to reduce its height, around plant low-growing trees.

Filling design, a composition of contrasts canplay with you a cruel joke, turning the site into a chaotic heap of elements. Do not forget to smooth out the transitions between the contrasted details with nuances that differ slightly from the main ones in shape and color.

The composition must be unified

During landscape planning, you need pretty muchclearly imagine which emotions you want to evoke. Melancholy, joy, poetic dreams - all this requires a color solution. Remember where exactly you want to see bright, and where - dark tones.

design composition
In any good plot of the site is always clearthe idea is presented. That is, the elements can obey either the general style or abstract thought. They should develop, supplement this idea, but not to distract the viewer's attention. Even if the composition in the design is saturated with small unnecessary objects, they should "retreat" from the center of interest.

The location of objects in relation to bothcalled the axis of the composition can be both symmetric and asymmetric. They achieve this by means of equal distances between the forms or, on the contrary, creating the appearance of a natural landscape, but without losing completeness and logic.

For a site topic, for example,such a composition in design as "grandmother's garden", filled with phlox, peonies and forget-me-nots. Or a Japanese garden with winding paths and moss-covered rocks, maples, bamboo and cereals. But the English garden will certainly please you with lavender, neatly clipped bushes and bright flower beds.

Create, create the garden of your dreams, and it will long please you and your eyes and heart!

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