Kay Parker: a biography of the famous American porn actress

Only a few know who Kay Parker is. Biography of the American actress has only a couple of "decent" roles in little-known films. Slightly more popular she got, starring in adult films, which even today can be found under the "shelves" of some stores.

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Youth and the first role

The story of this heroine begins in Birmingham. It was here on August 28, 1944, Kay Parker was born. The biography of the girl tells us that she got her first role in 18 years. Then she was invited to appear in a popular television series called "The Adventure of Howie".

This event radically changed the life of the girl. After all, after that, she dreamed of only one thing - to act in films. But to implement her plan, she had to leave her home and go to California, a place where all dreams are fulfilled.

Unrealizable illusions

Alas, her hopes for a quickwere crowned with success. Numerous castings and interviews did not bring results. Life in the big city was expensive, and savings, accumulated before, almost completely dried up. Therefore, without seeing any other way out, Kay Parker joins a small troupe of wandering actors. Together with them, she began to drift from state to state, playing in front of the public various comedic skits.

In one such trip, the girl metJohn Leslie - a famous pornographer and director. This meeting was a new stage in the life of Kay Parker. Biography of the girl, before that pure and innocent, acquired a new shameful note. From now on, everyone will know her as a woman who played porn.

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Kay Parker: adult films

For the sake of justice, we note that the girl did not immediatelyagreed to such an adventure. Several months passed before she gave the final answer to John Leslie. And yet this does not cancel the fact that she took such a reckless step.

It is difficult to say for sure how manyadult films starred Kay Parker. The biography of the actress is silent about the exact number of nude scenes, but clearly there were a lot of them. Among the most famous are her roles in the films "World Sex", as well as "Taboo".

Late years

Even after in the mid-80's Kay Parkerleft the porn industry, she was still talked about for a long time as an actress for adults. She was often invited to a famous talk show, where she talked about her "unusual" work. However, over time, interest in her person disappeared, and she for some time disappeared from the lenses of television cameras.

Only in 2001 she reappeared in public,but this time in the guise of a writer. As her first book, she presented an autobiography entitled "Taboo: Sacred, do not touch." Shortly thereafter, another printed work by the porn actress "A Journey Lengthy Six Thousand Years" appeared. In addition, there is a report that in 2017 will be a documentary that tells the story of her life.

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