The film "The First Avenger: Confrontation" (2016): actors and roles

The film "The First Avenger: Confrontation ", released on the screens in 2016, has become one of the most long-awaited and mysterious. It continues the theme of superheroes, the salvation of the world, war. In the film "The First Avenger: Confrontation" (2016), the actors remained the same as in the previous parts, but their composition expanded, new heroes appeared that also merged with the avengers, although the team split into two, each of which seeks to prove its rightness.

First Avenger confrontation film 2016 actors

The film was attended by a huge number of actors. All of them perfectly coped with their roles. They became real heroes.

Chris Evans

Start the list of actors of the film 2016 "The First Avenger: Confrontation" should be with Chris, because he got the role of Captain America.

The company Marvel invited the actor to play Cap,However, few assumed that Chris Evans would agree to this. Uncertainty was caused by the fact that when signing a contract, the actor automatically agreed to a series of films and a small fee. The first part was supposed to pay Evans only 300 000 dollars. Hollywood standards are a penny. But Chris agreed and, surprisingly everyone, became very popular around the world. Although previously he had bright, memorable roles, it was Cap that brought him real fame.

Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man

In the film "The First Avenger: Confrontation "(2016) actor played all the beloved Iron Man. Although this part wanted to remove the hero. Initially, the Marvel studio in the image of Tony Stark in the film "The First Avenger: Confrontation" (2016) was represented by Robert. But after Downey Jr. demanded the management to increase the fee, the director of the film company was enraged, having ordered to remove the Iron man from the script. However, later, President Marvel decided to return Robert to the picture, since without him the film loses its meaning and has no opportunities to continue. As a result, Robert Downey Jr. again appears on the screen in the role of Tony Stark.

Sebastian Stan

Initially, Sebastian auditioned for the role of Captain America, but he got the image of Baki Barnes, in the distant past the best friend of Cap.

All the roles and actors of the film "The First Avenger: Confrontation "(2016) were selected carefully. The winter soldier was no exception. Since the moment it becomes known who is hiding under the guise of the Winter Soldier, it is obvious that he and Cap will be at the center of events. On the one hand, Captain America, trying to protect an old friend, and on the other - an Iron Man, demanding that the soldier be held accountable. It is this confrontation that is easily the basis of the film.

First Avenger confrontation film 2016 actors and roles

Elizabeth Olsen

This actress got one of the difficult roles -The Scarlet Witch named Vanda Maximoff. In this film, the story line is very complicated. The actress had a hard time, because here the actors of the film "The First Avenger: Opposition" open on the other side, the viewer reveals the deeper identity of Wanda, the way she became. In this part of the "Avengers" the Scarlet witch becomes permeated with feelings for Vizhen, an artificial intellect with a rather strange appearance. But this does not stop sparking spark between the creatures of a fantastic world.

Scarlett Johansson

In the film, Scarlett played the role of the Black widow. Her viewer sees not only this part of the Avengers, but also in the paintings "The First Avenger: Another War", "The Iron Man" part two, "The Avengers", "The Avengers: The Age of Altron."

Natasha Romanoff is one of the brightest heroines of the film. She is always calm, unshakable. The former Russian spy became the real favorite of audience sympathies. By the way, Marvel promises to make a separate film about the Black widow who will tell her story.

Scarlett played an interesting, mysterious woman. Her heroine is found throughout many parts of the movie heroic saga.

In the film "The First Avenger: Confrontation "(2016) the actors played on two fronts: one went for the Cap, and the other - for the Iron Man. And each of them defended his opinion, including Natasha Romanoff.

Actors of the movie Avenger confrontation

Anthony Mackie

The actor played the role of Sam Wilson, in the pastpilot, who manages a special system of movement in airspace. After getting to know the Captain, Sam did not even expect him to ask him for help. It was the pilot who helped Cap and Natasha find the Winter Soldier.

Jeremy Renner

In this film, the actor played the role of Clint Barton, known as the Falcon Eye. This is an experienced shooter, one of the avengers.

Barton possesses the skill of very marksmanship. Once he was instructed to kill a Russian agent, nicknamed the Black Widow, but he allowed her to stay alive. Since then he and Natasha have become true friends. They work together on the Sh.I.T.

The unique ability to shoot arrows accurately and made Barton one of the best avengers.

Other actors

In the film "The First Avenger: Confrontation," the actors and roles were so carefully chosen that when you look at the picture you see that everyone is in his place. In this picture were shot:

  • Chadwick Bozeman as Black Panther;
  • Tom Holland in the role of Spider-Man;
  • Paul Rudd in the role of the Person-ant;
  • Paul Bettany played Vigen;
  • John Slatteleri as Tony Stark's father, Howard;
  • Hope Davis - Maria Stark;
  • Alfie Voard - Miriam Sharp.

Initially, this part of the superhero action movie was supposed to be called "Civil War", but it was renamed.

Actors first avenger confrontation 2016

The plot of the picture unfolds in the USSR, in 1991. At this time, Hydra revives the Winter Soldier, but the superheroes defeat this organization.

Steve does not allow Bucky to be arrested, and Tony Stark of anotheropinions. Because of the quarrel between the heroes there is not just a war, but a real confrontation. Each of them collects a team. Rogers will have to defend his interests in a team with the Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Ant-Man. The iron man does not lag behind: he is convinced that the Cap is wrong and collects a team consisting of the Black widow, Vigen, Panther, Spider-Man.

Despite disagreements, the Avengers are reconciled, and Bucky returns to the cryocamera, waiting for the day when someone will figure out how to remove the kill code from his head.

First Avenger confrontation actors and roles


In this part of the "Avengers" many excitingmoments. They were able to deliver only thanks to a well-chosen cast and correctly distributed roles. After all, few people already represent other actors in the role of the same Cap or Black widow, Black Panther or Falcon Eye.

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