Roles and actors. "Sweet November": touching duet Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron

In the year 2001 a touching American melodrama "Sweet November" appeared on the wide screens. The names of the actors who performed the main roles were known to everyone: this is Keanu Reeves, who just recently played Neo in The Matrix, and Charlize Theron is one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses. What touched this duo of the viewer and why at the end of the film, who will rarely keep away from tears?

"Sweet November": actors and roles, a short story

Duet Charlize and Keanu viewers first saw in1997 in the film "Devil's Advocate". A couple of Lomaxes - that's who the actors played then. "Sweet November" was the second picture, where the performers once again had the opportunity to embody the couple in love, but this time the relationship of their heroes is filled with touching melodrama.

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Reeves in this picture acts as an advertisingagent Nelson, who is simply obsessed with his career. The young man lives on a strict schedule, his phone never stops, he goes to his goal and he does not care what people around him feel around. But the moment comes when the "system" by which Nelson lives, fails, and the young man literally loses his beloved girl in one day, as well as his favorite work, for which he made big plans.

Just at this difficult time in the life of the younga person appears Sarah (Sh. Theron) - a strange girl who, with her lightheartedness and cheerfulness, first irritates Nelson, then just confuses him, and a little later - wins his heart. She teaches the hero Reeves to live anew and enjoy the very fact of life. But Nelson does not even suspect that soon his personal happiness will come to an end.

The film "Sweet November", actors: Keanu Reeves

Filming "Sweet November" started after the "As Reeves starred in the sensational "Matrix". It seems that Keanu wanted to change the situation for a while, and along with the role, as usual after heavy projects like to do all the actors. "Sweet November" provided him with this opportunity.

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The hero of Reeves in this movie is experiencing personala crisis. He is so accustomed to the way of life that led, that he did not even consider other variants of his existence. Everything that did not concern the work seemed to Nelson nonsense and nonsense. But a person's life is not only work, it's also a lot of other joys in which one can not deny himself.

Sarah appeared in Nelson's life completelysuddenly. And even more she hit the hero Reeves with his proposal to move to her for a month. But after Nelson agreed to this crazy idea, he for a long time resisted the internal changes that were simply inevitable.

And so, when the young man finally realized,how and with whom he wants to live, it turned out that his only beloved woman is deadly sick and she does not have to live long. Dramatic situation and can not imagine. But, as is known, Keanu Reeves as masterfully copes with the genre of drama, as with the genre of the action movie. Therefore, the film is not without its merits.

Charlize Theron as Sarah

Theron and Reeves were nominated for the Golden Prizeraspberries "- this is the reward for the work done by the actors. "Sweet November" fell not to the taste of critics, but was warmly received by the audience.

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Theron in the role of Sarah was not so bad. Even there was a feeling that the actress does not have to play anything - she just goes into the frame and becomes herself. Carefree ringlets on her head, warm cozy sweaters - all this went madly Charlize and evoked emotion.

In addition, Reeves and Charlize seemed to have built their ownrelations on the stage site again and did not return to the previous experience of cooperation that they had in the "Devil's Advocate". Their screen duet in "Sweet November" was very touching, and the emotional explanation in the final is sympathetic to the viewer, and sometimes even tears.

Jason Isaacs in the role of transvestite Cheza

In the film, other well-known actors were involved. "Sweet November" was honored with the participation of Jason Isaacs, who became famous for the role of villain Lucius Malfoy in a series of films about Harry Potter.

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In the picture the artist got the part of Cheza -a very ambiguous character. In the past and present, Chaz is a successful advertiser who lives next door to Sarah in one of the most inconspicuous areas of San Francisco. Despite his stunning career, which Nelson can only dream of, Chaz manages to live in the way that he is comfortable in the first place: he does not hurry, in the evenings gets dressed in a woman, visits clubs and parties, communicates with his close friends. Chaz sails through life easily and feels completely relaxed as opposed to eternally tense Nelson.

After "Sweet November" Jason starred in many other films. One of the last works of Isaacs - the role of Captain Wagoner in the military drama "Rage" with Brad Pitt in the title role.

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