Anatomical exhibition "Secrets of the Body" opens the door to the "Universe Inside" of each of us

How often does a person think about how todoes his body work? About how exactly do the usual exercises like squats, jogging and walking? Every day the human body undergoes various influences, performs certain functions, responds to impulses sent by consciousness. Often, consciousness is not interested in how exactly this happens, how complex and incredible are the routine movements, processes and functions of the organism.

Anatomical exhibition "Mysteries of the body: The Universe Inside "seeks to interest ordinary people in the way their unusual body functions. The exhibition offers a literal "inside" view of the human body. For this purpose, more than 200 exhibits have been created, including 20 full-size human figures.

The interesting anatomical exhibition "Mysteries of the Body"

In addition to demonstrative demonstrations of various systemsthe exhibition provides a lot of interesting information about the work of the body, the influence of habits and dependencies on all tissues and organs. One of the main goals of the exhibition is to show how amazing, complex and fragile the systems of our body are. If we know how they function, we will learn to appreciate them more and better care for our own body.

The value of the exhibition is its uniquenessexhibits - the real human body, preserved through a complex and expensive process, called polymer impregnation. Anatomical exhibition "Mysteries of the Body: The Universe Inside" (USA) offers ordinary people access to the human body in a way that only doctors saw it.

anatomical exhibition of the mystery of the body

Method of silicone saturation

The method of polymer impregnation is,that all the moisture in the body is replaced by a liquid polymer (silicone), which literally saturates the cells of the human body, preserving it in its natural form and not breaking even the thin tissues.

This is a complex and expensive process, inventedDr. Gunther von Hagens, author of the famous Koerperwelten exhibitions ("Worlds of Body"), to which, incidentally, the project "Secrets of the body" has nothing to do.

"Secrets of the Body" in Moscow

The mystery of the body of the universe in Moscow

In 2014 the largest anatomical exhibitionvisited the capital of the Russian Federation. The exhibition was held from September 2014 to January 2015 inclusive, and many Muscovites and visitors to the capital were able to take a fresh look at the human body.

Exhibition "Secrets of the Body: The Universe Inside "in Moscow is the first large-scale anatomical project that allows you to view perfectly preserved real human bodies, down to the smallest systems of blood vessels.

Reviews of visitors vary from enthusiastic tofrightened, but one thing is certain - the exhibition did not leave anyone indifferent. And it is not surprising, because not everyone and not often can see near a real cancer tumor or body, vertically cut into thin plates.

In addition to Moscow, the anatomical exhibition "Secrets of the Body" was held in other major cities of Russia, as well as in Minsk. Earlier the exhibition was held in Kiev.

Who cares about the "Secrets of the Body"

the largest anatomical exhibition

All exhibits are bodies or parts of bodies,donated to science. Any person who, due to professional or personal reasons, is interested in the structure and functioning of the body, will enjoy the exhibition.

Of particular interest is the anatomy of the human bodyrepresents for future artists and physicians. For 6 years of existence of the project, the exposition "Secrets of the body" visited 45 cities, each of which had a lot of school excursions.

The exhibition is suitable for visitors of any age. The creators emphasize its educational character and scientific value and are strongly advised to bring children to as early as possible to instill in them the culture of a healthy body.

Silicone-saturated human bodiesare presented in the form of museum exhibits, with explanations and carefully selected additional information that will be useful and interesting to professional doctors and artists, students of art and medical colleges and universities, as well as to all inquisitive people of all ages and professions.

Main objectives of the exhibition

In addition to educational goals, "Secrets of the Body"strive to attract visitors to the culture of a healthy lifestyle, through a visual demonstration of the body systems involved in the performance of daily, routine functions. Every person who has glanced from the side, how much the process of inhaling and exhaling oxygen, how many separate muscles are involved during walking or running, will understand that his body is an entire universe.

anatomical exhibition universe inside the United States

In addition, an important goal of the exhibition is tocultivation of the idea of ​​equality. Each exhibit belongs to the human body, and without skin color and other external attributes it is difficult to determine to which race, sex and age this person belonged. And it is impossible to guess its status, political, religious and social preferences. "Mysteries of the Body" prove to everyone that, in the final analysis, we are all alike.

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