Cartoon "Trouble in the jungle": reviews of the audience and the plot

Before viewing any movie, viewers firstturn read reviews. Cartoon "Trouble in the jungle" in this regard is not too happy man who decided to see the picture. Reviews of critics and fans agree that the cartoon turned out to be unprepossessing and monotonous.


To understand why I earned bad reviews"Trouble in the jungle", you need to know about the plot of the cartoon. Somewhere in the deep tropical thickets there lived the animals of the co-op Manu and Sasha. They liked to have fun, but one day, because of the prank of a guy, they kick him out of the tribe. At that moment, the girl Sasha is kidnapped by hunters, and Manu decides in any way to help her best friend and help her out of trouble.

Along the way, he meets many othersthe inhabitants of the jungle, who agree to help a sympathetic being. In the course of their search, friends understand that the hunter Rocco wants to destroy a large number of animals. From this moment they face the task of saving not only Sasha, but the entire home.

Trouble in the jungle reviews

Assessments of critics

Cartoon "Trouble in the jungle" reviewsreviews of professional reviewers received lower than average scores. In the causes, most users indicated faded heroes and a pattern of everything happening on the screen. The humorous component turned out to be quite low due to the plane of most jokes. Some of them caused a smile, but others did not quite succeed.

A separate minus was the graph, which at the timepremiere of "Trouble in the jungle" in 2014 was at a fairly low level. Compared with other animated tapes, the picture on the screen does not attract the eye too much. The main characters along with the secondary characters do not have a pronounced history, and their habits sometimes look strange. Despite this, some reviews note that in general the entourage looks attractive. Plus the romance of the jungle and unusual animals, coats make you look through the tape to the end.

cartoon commotion in the jungle

Reaction of spectators

On the cartoon "Trouble in the jungle" reviewsviewers are even worse than the critics' reviews. On the world-famous Internet site Internet Movie Database (IMDb), according to estimates of more than 180 spectators, the overall rating was only 4.9 points. This means that many users put ratings of two or three points, although there were some who liked watching this cartoon.

Many viewers noted the fact that the spectacle onThe screen is more focused on young children, rather than on adults. As one more plus noted unusual heroes koati, although they behave quite patterned and predictable. Some viewers point out that the cartoon film is most pleasing to children of school age from six to twelve. It is also worth noting that for the cartoon that was shown on the big screen, it got little popularity, and few viewers wanted to write their feedback about the seen spectacle.

commotion in the jungle of the premiere


On the cartoon "Trouble in the jungle" reviews saymuch. First of all it is worth noting that he is kind and talks about the struggle of animals for their home and survival. The plot is taught to help people close to you and teaches you to be friends with other children. For this reason, children who are in primary school are recommended for viewing.

For more adults, the cartoon will appearrather patterned with lots of flat humor. Look to the end can only force the child who will sit next to the parents. For kids less than six years, what is happening on the screen may not seem completely understandable. They will not be able to appreciate the style of the jungle, and coats will be other people's heroes. At the same time, the director's desire to show friendship and fight heroes, they do not understand and cause interest only jokes, which just for kids fit.

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