"The Spiderwick Chronicles": actors, roles, short story

For the 2000s, the flowering of the film in the genre of fantasy has to be blossomed: "The Lord of the Rings", "Star Wars: Episode 1,2,3", "The Chronicles of Narnia". This also includes a family film "The Spiderwick Chronicles", the actors of which immerse the viewer in the universe of fairies, ogres and brownies. Who played the main roles in this tape and what is its plot?

"The Spiderwick Chronicle": actors and roles. David Strathairn as Spiderwick

The film "The Chronicles of Spiderwick" begins withnarration about how a certain Arthur Spiderwick is working on a unique book in which useful, valuable information about the fairy-tale world and various mythical creatures will be collected.

chronicles of spiderwick actors
The author of the eccentric manages to complete his work. Many years after Arthur's death, a new family was settled in his house, which reveals this strange book. This is how the story of the tape "The Spiderwick Chronicles" takes place.

Actors David Strathairn and Joan Plauright playedmembers of the Spiderwick family. David Strathairn, who embodied on the screens the image of Arthur, - an American actor originally from San Francisco. The artist once was nominated for an Oscar for his work in the film "Good Night and Good Luck." David has repeatedly worked with the best artists of Hollywood: Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Kim Basinger and Matt Damon. The last notable role in the movie is character William Seward from the film "Lincoln".

The Spiderwick Chronicles: actors. Freddie Highmore as a twin brother

The main characters of the "Chronicles" are also Jared andSimon Spiderwick. It is one of the brothers who finds the book in the attic of their new home and begins to read it, after which the incredible events that are described in the tape "The Spiderwick Chronicles" are happening.

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Actors for the role of twin brothers tried the most different. But in the end both characters were entrusted to play one person - Freddie Highmore.

Freddy is an Englishman, born into a family thatwas associated with filmmaking. That is why the boy began to drive on casting from the earliest years. After some time, the child has already paired with actors such as Johnny Depp ("The Magic Country"), Guy Pearce ("Two Brothers") and Helena Bonham Carter (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Then there was a collaboration with the director Ridley Scott, Luke Besson, Kirsten Sheridan and Chris Weitz. After the "Chronicles" Freddie Highmore appeared in such projects as "Arthur and the War of Two Worlds", as well as in "Canterville Ghosts".

Mary-Louise Parker as Helen Grace

In the picture "Spiderwick:Chronicles "actors Mary-Louise Parker and Freddie Highmore play mother and son. Heroine Mary-Louise Parker threw her husband along with three children. Therefore, she moved from respectable New York to the province, to the old house of Arthur Spiderwick.

the cast of the movie Spiderwick Chronicles
Mary-Louise successfully plays in the theatricalIn 2000, she even won the Tony Award for her role in the play Proof. Then the actress received one of the main roles in the series "West Wing", which also starred Martin Sheen. A serial film "Angels in America" ​​brought Mrs. Parker "Emmy".

She devoted several years of her life to the Durman project, which also featured Elizabeth Perkins, Hunter Parrish and Romani Malko.

Of the full-length films, the best pictures with Mary Louise are "Fried Green Tomatoes", "Bullets Over Broadway" and "Canyon".

Other performers of roles

Also starred in the movie "Spiderwick Chronicles" actors Sarah Bolger, Andrew McCarthy and Joan Plauright.

chronicles of spiderwick actors and roles
Sarah Bolger played the older sister of the twin brothers and daughter Helen. A young actress can also be seen in the television series "Tudors" and in the film "Lazarus Effect".

Andrew McCarthy embodied on the screens the image of RichardGrace. McCarthy has been acting in films since the '80s. A little later he started directing. The most famous projects with the participation of McCarthy - "Rock Mulholland", "Law and Order", "Twilight Zone".

Aunt Lucinda was played by Joan Plowright - Britishactress, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in the film "The Witch of April." In addition, Plauright played in the films "Stalin", "Jane Eyre" and "101 Dalmatians".

The cast of the movie "The Chronicles of Spiderwick" is alsoNick Nolty, who played the leader of the goblins, as well as Seth Rogen, who played Piskun. Nick Noltey was in his time in New York Stories with Kirsten Dants, Cape of Fear with Robert de Niro and Hulke with actor Eric Bann in the lead role. Seth Rogen can be seen in the films "A Little Bit Pregnant", "Green Hornet" and "Fans."

With a budget of $ 90 million, the fantasy film grossed 164 million.

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