Riddles about a pillow for children

Everything that surrounds the child, expands his horizons. These are things, toys, household utensils. Parents can use riddles about them to develop the logic of the baby, in game form showing the purpose of objects. When the baby is going to bed, riddles about the pillow will be useful.

What lies under the eye?

Sleep on a well-beaten pillow, dressed in a clean, crisp pillowcase, brings real pleasure.

  • Only her head you will touch - and till the morning you will not wake up.
  • She calls you to her, orders you to go to bed. She does not take offense at the fact that her father and mother are beating her. Each has its own: thicker, thinner. She is a beggar, and there are kings.
  • They beat her, but she always sleeps. (It is whipped to make it softer.)

puzzle riddles

About the pillow stacked a lot of jokes and puzzles, emphasizing its volume:

  • Who has two belly and four ears?
  • Andrew came to the rink, got on the skates for the first time. He tied a pillow to his back, pulled the cap over his eyes.
  • If the pillow is soft, even a cannon will not wake.
  • The blind old woman was repairing the old pillow.
    She sat down with her to the window and sewed the cat blindly.
    The pillow jumps on the floor, the old woman jumps after her.
    In the pillow, the cat regretted lying on the window.

Put a pillow case on the pillow. With her, too, there are riddles about the pillow:

  • She wears a sleeveless shirt. (Covers have buttons and hinges, like on a shirt.)
  • She buttoned buttons on her side. Glad to be beaten, I'm happy with my fist. All four of my ears pricked up, so that you could sleep peacefully on it.

riddle about a pillow about children

No legs, no hands, no feathers, no bird

Pillows are stuffed with feather and down poultry. The following riddles are based on this:

  • Domestic, feathered, can not fly away.
  • There are feathers, but do not fly. There is a shirt, and that night.
  • When he goes to bathe, clothes are thrown away, and his belly is ripped open. (The pillowcase is sewn after washing the feathers.)

Riddles develop fantasy, awaken creativeability. Invite the child to write something himself. Children like to invent rhymes for words. And maybe in your family history there will be an amusing riddle about a pillow for children.

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