Master-class "How to draw potatoes"

Those who want to learn how to draw, you need to start with the simplest lessons. For example, how to draw potatoes. The article will help to cope with this task.

Where to begin

To understand how to draw potatoes, you needremember how it looks, what shape and color, texture. The easiest way is to put the tuber in front of you and look at it while working, so as accurately as possible to display on paper.

In general, this task is one of the easiest, because it is very easy to draw potatoes. Even a novice artist without experience can easily cope with this in just four steps.

To work was fun, you need to stock a minimal set of pencil drawing:

  • A sheet of white paper, better grainy, rather than smooth;
  • a few simple pencils of different softness (M, TM, TM-2, etc.);
  • soft eraser.

Step one

how to draw potatoes

If you want to learn how to draw potatoes,this is the master class for you. First you need to draw on paper a regular circle. You can do it by hand or use a template, for example, pencil the paper on the bottom of the cup.

Step Two

how to draw potatoes in pencil step by step

Now you need to transform the circle in the wrongshape the oval, as shown in the picture above. To do this, the circle should be lengthened from above and below, and the lines must be uneven to display the actual shape of the tuber.

Step Three

how to draw potatoes

The next step is the detailing of the surface texture. It sounds difficult, but it is very simple: draw a pencil inside the oval - the future tuber - a few short strokes, spots, arcs of different lengths and dots.

Step four, final

how to draw potatoes

Let's proceed to the final step of ourmaster class "How to draw potatoes". At this stage, the eraser needs to carefully remove all the auxiliary lines, make a good pencil of the main lines, making them bright and clear. In this case, draw a thicker outline, and reflect the internal texture with a weaker pressure. If everything is done correctly, then your drawing will be similar to the example in this lesson. If desired, the picture can be colored.

Now you know how to draw potatoes in pencil step by step.

A few tips

If you really want to learn how to paint beautifully, then you need to give it every day.

Start with the easiest, for example, with a picture of potatoes, a bow, a flower.

Feeling confident, complicate the task. Step away from the technique "Step by step," train to draw from nature.

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