"Two Moments of Love": actors and features

Today we will talk about the film "Two Momentslove ". The actors are presented below. It's about the melodrama of 2013. Valery Devyatilov was the director of the picture. The plot is based on the scenario of Andrew Poversky.


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First, we discuss the plot of the film Two Moments of Love. Actors will be presented further. The main character is called Katya. She is a sympathetic and kind girl. She is held as a laboratory assistant, although she has a doctor's degree. The colleague arranges career growth, provided by someone else's modesty. In addition, the heroine's fiancé is in no hurry to lead the lady under the crown.

Key players

Katya Kruglova and Sergei Egorov are the main characters in the film Two Moments of Love. Actors D. Luzin and Ilya Noskov embodied the images. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Daria Luzina was born in 1984, on April 24. I studied at VGIK named after SA Gerasimov, in the studio of Vsevolod Shilovsky. She joined the troupe of the theater in Malaya Bronnaya.

Ilya Noskov was born in 1977., On July 21, in the Kherson region in the city of Novaya Kakhovka. He studied in St. Petersburg at the Academy of Theater Arts. He performed at the Pushkin Drama Theater. Actor of the partnership called "Noskovy and the Company."

Dmitry Zenichev played the head of the emergency substation Valentin Balakin.

Other heroes

two moments of love
Doctors Svetlana Vaskina and Tatiana Ivanovna alsoappear in the plot of the film Two Moments of Love. Actors Victoria Adelfina and Olga Naumenko embodied these images. Maria Ilyukhina played the role of Tanya. Anna Polupanova appeared in the picture, as Tanya's mom and Katya's friend Tamara Lebedeva.

Actors of the film "Two Moments of Love" DmitryMazurov and Vladimir Dovzhik played Grigory Petrovsky and chief physician Vitaly. Vladimir Dyachkov embodied the image of an ambulance driver Petrovich. Elena Sysoeva played her namesake with the name Fedotova. Alexander Driven has played the role of the young doctor Petrova. Andrei Troitsky was reincarnated as a watchman for Uncle Senya. Yevgeny Kozhevnikov played Tanya's father, engineer Igor Rogatkin.

Andrei Moskvichyov played the role of Major Orlov. Larisa Bednenko was remembered by the audience as a social worker. Anastasia the German embodied the image of the director. Natalia Tretyakova appeared in the picture in the role of a trader. Ekaterina Simahodskaya played a neighbor nurse Elena. Roman Vileyko embodied the image of a patrolman. Diana Enakayeva played Katya. Andrei Istokov was reincarnated as a doctor. Sergei Kalashnikov played an officer. Julia Strizhkova performed the role of a nurse. Lisa Izmailova played the daughter of Gregory. Vadim Bely performed the role of surgeon.

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