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They are so different ... In the rating of "Best War Films", Steven Spielberg's work is an honorable place. This is a touching "Schindler's List" and a large-scale project "Saving Private Ryan".

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Three "Oscars" for these paintings rightfully belong toHollywood master. Liam Neeson played the manufacturer of Schindler (more than a thousand representatives of the Jewish nation owe him his life). Rafe Fiennes has become such a reliable "double" furious fascist Amon Goethe that this hero ranks 15th among the hundreds of the most notorious cinematic villains. And Tom Hanks and the whole acting team "Saving Private Ryan", intense scenes and camera work made the tape mentioned a masterpiece. The best military films are not necessarily the display of ghettos and destinies of Jews ("The Pianist", "Life is Beautiful") or battle scenes (the epic "Liberation", "Hot Snow"). The topic can be revealed quite differently. A remarkable comedy with the heroic bias of Gerard Uri "The Great Walk" made it possible to look at many things with humor. There are pictures in which the main line is the love line. This, for example, "The Bridge of Waterloo" and the legend of Hollywood "Gone with the Wind." Vivien Leigh shone in both of them.

Legends of the Soviet hire

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The best military films (Russian) are a separatehistory. Already more than one generation, the shrill works of Leonid Bykov are being re-viewed and genuinely loved. "Only the" old men "and" Aty-bats, soldiers were walking into battle ". They can not be seen without tears. Great merit in the uniqueness of these films Leonid himself (he always starred in the films they put) and his like-minded artists. Stanislav Rostotsky filmed the book of Boris Vasilyev (the story "... And the dawns here are quiet"). And he created a genius thing. It ranks 10th among the leaders of Soviet hire. Andrei Martynov, quite a young man, managed to reincarnate as a solid and experienced Fedot Vaskov. Olga Ostroumova, Irina Shevchuk, Elena Drapeko - their acting life was just beginning, but they could be true! Irina Dolganova, who played Sonya Gurvich, did not appear on the screen any more. And Ekaterina Markova (yesterday's children's home Galina Chetvertak) is primarily a writer (this is hereditary, she is the daughter of Georgi Markov). The best war films of the times of the USSR are, of course, "The Cranes Are Flying", "The House I Live In", "The Ballad of a Soldier", shot in the late 50's, but still relevant today.

For all time

In the list of "Best War Films" 2013 yearadded "Stalingrad" Fyodor Bondarchuk. He starred one of the best actors of the new generation (and one of the favorite performers of the director) Peter Fedorov. Everyone knows the history of the famous house, which was defended in Stalingrad by Novgorod Yakov Pavlov. "Stalingrad" - a variation on this topic. Fedorov played such a Pavlov (in the Bondarchuk project it's Captain Gromov). The German Thomas Krechman embodied the image of a riotous fascist (antagonist Gromov). Everyone has his own truth, his own reasons. One needs to hold positions, the other - to break the resistance and destroy a handful of Soviet soldiers who have settled in the house. A special note is introduced in the narrative by the character of Maria Smolnikova (a young Stalingrad Katya, the only survivor after the bombing and leaving no native walls). Phantasmagoric scenery and impressive special effects complemented the picture.

the best war movies are Russian

The best war movies are films for all time. Many of them look very painful, but it is necessary. In order not to forget ...

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