Robert Pattinson: biography of the Hollywood idol of youth

Millions of people around the world know whoRobert Pattison. Biography of this guy is interested not only his fans, but also those who just heard about him. He is now a famous Hollywood actor, a great success for women of all ages, but few know what was the starting point of his career.

The beginning of the way

robert pattinson biography

The actor was born in May in rainy London in 1986year. He was surrounded by women's attention from childhood, because shortly before his birth, two girls were born in the family - Victoria and Lizzie. Everyone who is familiar with the actor's family knows how much attached to their older sisters Robert Pattinson. The actor's biography did not begin with bright ups or downs. He studied at an intermediate level, and at the age of 12 played a role in a small school play. After some time, he fell in love and, because of unsolved circumstances, was expelled from school. After a while, Robert Pattinson appeared on the list of Barnes Theater Club actors. The biography of the actor marks the beginning of a gradual departure from the amateur scene and progress to the professional stage. There he played in three major productions, among which was "Macbeth." As the young man himself noted, fate constantly pushed him to acting, although he himself always wanted to play the piano quietly and calmly in some cozy English pub.

Becoming an actor's talent

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The first major project of the actor was a fairy taleThe Ring of the Nibelungen. This film was based on Scandinavian legends and was met quite well both by spectators and film critics. Many rightly consider this film the first, where Robert Pattinson starred. The biography of the actor began to be filled with interesting events and projects. He was remembered by many for the role of Cedric Diggory in the movie "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." In this epic, he perfectly coped with the role of a young and ambitious magician. It was after him that many noticed a young Briton and began to offer him work. Often Robert was sent proposals from the sphere of model business. He even took part in several fashion shows, but Robert Pattinson never saw himself as a model. Biography of the young actor, fortunately for many fans, notes from this moment on the rise of the actor. Nobody will argue with the fact that he was made a star of the world scale by Edward in the vampire saga "Twilight". This story has become a cultural phenomenon of the younger generation. It is noteworthy that the writer, whose novels was removed from the franchise, initially did not consider the actor for the main role at all. However, the audition convinced her of the talent of the guy. It was with this project that many began to wonder how Robert Pattinson lives.

Biography: the personal life of the actor

robert pattinson and his wife

Before the release of the first part of the movie "Twilight. Saga, "few people were interested in the life details of the young man, and little is known about his personal life before filming in the vampire saga." As soon as the audience saw the screen love of the main characters, everyone immediately began to ascribe a novel to Robert and his colleague in the filming of Kristen. the couple hid their relations without commenting on the press reports.Someone said that Robert Pattinson and his wife Kristen Stewart do not talk about their relationship because of the prohibition point in the contract.And no matter how much doubt, after the filming of the saga, the world finally found out for sure the connection between the lovers, but this couple still continues to puzzle everyone with their constant reconciliation and parting.

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