Composers of the 19th century of the Romantic era

At the end of the XVIII - beginning of the XIX century appeared such aartistic direction, as romanticism. In this era people dreamed of an ideal world and "flew away" in fantasy. The most vivid and figurative embodiment of this style found in music. Among the representatives of romanticism are such composers of the 19th century as Karl Weber,

Composers of the 19th century
Robert Schumann, Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner.

Franz Liszt

The future great composer was born in the familycellist. My father taught him music from an early age. As a child, he sang in the choir and learned to play the organ. When Franz turned 12, his family moved to Paris so that the boy could learn music. He was not admitted to the Conservatoire, however, already at the age of 14, he composed sketches. Such famous composers of the 19th century as Berlioz, Paganini, had a great influence on him.

Paganini became the real idol of Liszt, and he decidedhone your own skill in playing the piano. The concert activity of 1839-1847 was accompanied by a brilliant triumph. In these years, Ferenc created a famous collection of plays "Years of wanderings." The virtuoso of playing the piano and the public's favorite became the real embodiment of the era.

Franz Liszt composed music, wrote severalbooks, taught, conducted open lessons. Composers of the 19th century from all over Europe came to him. You can say that almost all his life he was engaged in music, as he created for 60 years. And to this day his musical talent and skills are a model for imitation of modern pianists.

Great composers of the 19th century
Richard Wagner

An ingenious German composer created music,which could not leave anyone indifferent. She had both fans and fierce opponents. Wagner since childhood was fascinated by the theater, and at 15 years of planning to create a tragedy with music. At the age of 16 he brought his compositions to Paris.

For 3 years he tried in vain to putopera, but no one wanted to deal with an unknown musician. Such popular composers of the 19th century as Franz Liszt and Berlioz, with whom he met in Paris, do not bring him luck. He is in poverty, and no one wants to support his musical ideas.

Having failed in France, the composerReturns to Dresden, where he begins to work as a conductor in the court theater. In 1848, he emigrated to Switzerland, since after participating in the uprising was declared a criminal. Wagner was aware of the imperfection of bourgeois society and the dependent position of the artist.

In 1859 he sang in the opera "Tristan andIsolde "love. The work of Parsifal is utopianly represented by a universal brotherhood. Evil is overthrown, and justice and wisdom prevail. All the great composers of the 19th century experienced the influence of Wagner's music and learned lessons from his work.

In the XIX century, a nationalcomposer and performing school in Russia. In Russian music there are two periods: early romanticism and classical. The first include such Russian composers of the 19th century as A. Varlamov, A. Alyabyev, A. Verstovsky, A. Gurilev.

Mikhail Glinka

great composers of the 19th century
Mikhail Glinka founded a composer school inour country. The Russian spirit is present in all his musical works. Such famous operas as "Ruslan and Lyudmila", "Life for the Tsar" are permeated with patriotism. Glinka summarized the characteristic features in folk music, he used the ancient tunes and rhythms of folk music. The composer was also an innovator in musical drama. His work is the rise of national culture.

Russian composers presented to the world manyingenious works, which in our time conquer the hearts of people. Among the brilliant Russian composers of the 19th century, such names as M. Balakirev, A. Glazunov, M. Mussorgsky, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, P. Tchaikovsky are immortalized.

Classical music brightly and sensually reflects the inner world of man. In place of strict rationalism came the romance of the XIX century.

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