The group "Jupiter": briefly about the history of creation and creativity

The group "Jupiter" was founded in 2001 by Vyacheslav Butusov, Yuri Kasparian, Oleg Sakmarov and Yevgeny Kulakov. The vocalist of the band is known for working in Nautilus Pompilius.


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In 1997, Vyacheslav Butusov began to perform solo. It was then that the Nautilus collapsed. He collaborated with the theater "Litsedei", the group "Plato", Yuri Ilchenko. After the solo tour of Vyacheslav Butusov, the foundation of the future collective was formed. The group "Jupiter" appeared in 2001 and soon released the first single called "Shock Love". One of the first was a concert in DK Gorbunova in January 2002. During this period, the team toured extensively in Russia, as well as near abroad. Mainly performed songs from the solo work of Vyacheslav Butusov himself. Soon the group "Jupiter" performed in the framework of the festival "Windows open". In 2003, the first numbered album "The Name of the Rivers" was prepared. It consisted of 11 new songs. It was these compositions that became the basis for the further concert program of the collective. In 2003 the group took part in a number of rock festivals. The song "Surga and Lurgi" was recorded especially for the tribute album of the "Picnic" team. Oleg Sakmarov left the team. He accumulated his own material and founded a separate group. With the participation of the arranger and composer Yevgeny Kuritsyn, the album "Biographics" was recorded. Soon there was a tribute album "Nautilus Pompilius". The second part of this work consists of songs by Nautilus Pompilius, which were performed by the group "Jupiter". In 2009, a concert was held in the Oktyabrsky Hall. This event was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Nautilus Pompilius. Several compositions at this concert were performed accompanied by an orchestra. The group toured not only across Russia, but also in other countries. In 2010, the album "Flowers and Thorns" was recorded at the studio called "Dobrolet". Vyacheslav Butusov noted that the idea of ​​this work is inspired by the hippy movement. The album was also released on vinyl records.


We have already told you how Jupiter was created. The composition of the group is given below. Vyacheslav Butusov is responsible for vocals. Yuri Kasparian assumed the duties of a guitarist. Alexei Andreev mainly focused on keyboard instruments. Eugene Kulakov took over percussion, beats and drums.


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Now let's name the main albums. The group "Jupiter" in 2003 recorded the record "Name of the rivers". In 2004, the album "Biographics" appeared. The next work was published in 2008 and was named "Praying Mantis". The group "Jupiter" in 2010 recorded the disc "Flowers and thorns." In 2015, the album "Gudgora" was released.

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