"The Earth of the Future" (film, 2015): actors and characters

Today the genre of youth adventure filmsis experiencing a real rise. But among all the variety of paintings of this kind are not so often there are really interesting, good and high quality films.

earth of the future film 2015 actors

This is what the "Earth of the Future" refers to (film,2015). Actors, starring in the lead roles, very well fit into their images, demonstrating an excellent acting. However, one actor's skill is not enough to make the film pay off at the box office.


Girl-teenager Casey becomes a participantunforgettable events and adventures, full of dangers and new impressions. By the will of fate she has a mysterious and unknown object, behind which obviously someone is hunting.

To find out the riddle of this subject and getanswers to questions, she is forced to work in tandem with Frank - a brilliant inventor, who has a very bad character and cynical approach to solving problems.

earth of the future film 2015 actors and roles

The film "The Earth of the Future" gives the viewer a spiritadventure, fantasy and pleasant emotions. This is a good and kind film, where there is a lot of action, a beautiful picture and interesting characters. Recently, teenage movies have become more cruel, bloody and aggressive, and this picture is completely different. Perhaps, it is for this reason that the film did not manage to become a blockbuster of the year.

"The Land of the Future" (film, 2015): actors and roles

In the picture, many interesting and promising actors are involved. The main character (Casey) is played by actress Britt Robertson, whose career is now gaining momentum.

The role of Athena, a robot girl from the future, performsRaffi Cassidy, who is also a very promising young actress. Thomas Robinson (Frank Walker in his childhood) is still quite young, but very talented actor.

the film of the future

Also in the film "The Earth of the Future" are not involvedonly young actors, there is here and already eminent, real mastodons of the film business. To such, of course, include George Clooney (Frank) and Hugh Laurie (Nyx). On account of each of them dozens of different paintings, it is not surprising that Clooney's fee amounted to as much as $ 25 million with a total budget of 190 million pictures.

"The Land of the Future" (film, 2015): reviews

The film was released in the world in May 2015. Despite the impressive budget, good cast and worthy special effects, the picture was accepted by the public rather coolly.

If in Russia the ratings of the film can still be calledSatisfactory, then in the West, critics crushed him. Professionals noted as a minus weak scrutiny of the script, insufficient disclosure of characters' characters, naive and banal plot, as well as numerous plot "holes" and lack of sound logic.

earth of the future film 2015

Spectators-lovers took the picture a little softer. Among their responses a considerable amount and positive. However, if you look at the reviews and reviews, it becomes clear why commercial success has bypassed the "Land of the Future". The film (2015), whose actors coped with the roles very well, was ruined in the first place because of a bad story.

Cash gathering

As already mentioned above, the budget of the filmwas $ 190 million, which is quite a lot. To repel such investments is not easy. Despite the fact that the film was not the worst, and even the harshest critics note that in general the tape is quite watchable, on the commercial side the film was not too successful. "Land of the future", the actors of which received good fees, managed to collect in the global box office only 209 million dollars.

Given the marketing investments, it can be said,that the film hardly justified the money spent on it. It is worth noting that in the US the picture collected about $ 93 million, and in the Russian Federation about 7.3. If not for a large flow of negativity in reviews and reviews of critics, bloggers and other media personalities, then, most likely, the film would be able to come out and in addition to fees from rentals in theaters.

Interesting Facts

With "Earth of the Future" (film, 2015) and actorsThere are a lot of interesting facts connected with the tape. One of them can be confidently called the fact that some scenes of the film were shot on the real launch pad of NASA, located in the state of Florina, at Cape Canaveral.

earth of future actors

Interestingly, the director of the film, Brad Bird for the sake of filming this picture, refused to work on the film "Star Wars: Awakening Force."

During the film rental in Europe, the organizers were forced to rename their creation on Disney Project T, as the name Tomorrowland belongs to a regular electronic music festival.

In one of the episodes of the tape, where the actionoccurred in the film "The explosion from the past," on the shelves you can see the toy figures of the cartoon characters "Steel Giant" and "The Incredibles." This is symbolic, as both animated works created by Brad Bird.


"The Land of the Future" - a film (2015), the actors of whichand the whole crew tried to make a good and kind teenage project, where there will be a lot of fantasy, adventure and action, but the result was a little worse than I wanted.

In general, the film can not be called bad orThe failure, as seen from the audience reviews. Many liked the picture, but something still does not suffice it. It is not entirely clear why Western film critics so attacked the film, but their opinion strongly affected the success of the film at the box office.

In Russia, the film has a pretty good rating. On the main resource about the cinema in RuNet "Kinoiskisk", the tape has a rating of more than six points out of ten, which, of course, is not the highest figure, but it can not be called low. Approximately three-quarters of the reviews and reviews about the film in our country are positive.

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