Biography of Anastasia Chernobrovina - a well-known TV presenter

On April 10, 1977 Nastenka was born - our beloved television presenter. In her native city of Izhevsk, Anastasia graduated from high school and entered the psychology department at Izhevsk College.

Activity is the key to success!

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In the character of the future star there has always been activity, a craving for publicity, a desire to stand out among his peers. At the age of 13, when she was a teenager, Nastia made "chemistry" and began to apply makeup.

Biography of Anastasia Chernobrovina as a leadingbegan at the local city television station. The work of the reporter has borne fruit: she was noticed and offered to continue her career as a journalist. Nastya began to conduct programs with the participation of stars who came on tour to the city of Izhevsk. She talked with famous actors - Igor Kvasha, Alexander Kalyagin, Valentin Gaft, etc. In general, the biography of Anastasia Chernobrovina is rich in communication with the stage lights and theatrical art, well-known politicians.

The Conquest of Moscow

Over time, Nastya became cramped in the wallshome company. In 1996, with admission to the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, the conquest of the capital began. Nastya chose the faculty "Management of Cinema and TV". Since then, she does not leave the capital, every day climbing higher up the steps of the career ladder.

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In parallel with the studies, Nastya works forthe federal channel "Russia", she receives an invitation to participate in the well-known program "News in 11". Then there are the reports for the channel "Vesti PRO". The next achievement is the work of the TV-6 channel leading in the "Day by Day" program, participation in the projects "Girl 2000", the author's project "Work Noon".

In 2002, the biography of Anastasia ChernobrovinaReplenished with leading position in the morning program "Good Morning, Russia". Her partner in the studio is attractive Anatoly Kuzichev. And since this inseparable couple makes us happy in the morning with optimistic news, causing a smile and emotion.

Personal life behind seven locks

Are you interested in Anastasia Chernobrovina? Biography, children, personal life - everything is shrouded in a veil of mystery. Nastya tries not to talk about life outside the ether. We only know that the presenter has not yet got children. Biography of Anastasia Chernobrovina is still rich only in professional achievements. The girl works always diligently, giving all 100%.

Anastasia Chernobravina biography of her husband

Little is known about relations with men. It is rumored that a beloved from France appeared, with whom she sees herself in her spare time. Will the stamp in the passport include an interesting girl like Anastasia Chernobrovina, a biography? Her husband will wait. Anastasia is surrounded by an army of fans, because the famous TV star is not only intelligent, educated and talented. Anastasia Chernobrovina is at the top of the list of the most beautiful women in Russia. And not only Russia. To see this, just look at the leaders from other countries. Gracefulness, refinement and refined manners - a great rarity for modern television.

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