Socially-sports drama "Box". Actors directorial debut Eduard Bordukov

A magnificent social and sporting drama "Box"- this is an acute social film about Russian guys and their peers of Caucasian nationality, who adore playing football, that's why they are conflicting because of the sports ground.

Duel on the balls

Eduard Bordukov's directorial debut,who acted in the project "Box" (the actors-performers of the main roles - S. Romanovich and K. Degtyar) as a director and scriptwriter, turned out to be excellent, dynamic and bright, relevant and extremely honest. Admirers of football the picture will be pleased with amazing reliability of an event and unmatched sports choreography. For lovers of good cinema, not fond of sports, the film can also be recommended for viewing, because according to the author, the box around which the whole action of the picture is swirled is a metaphor for the country and the present in general.

box actors

In the project "Box" actors took off diverse, with different levels of professionalism and experience. In general, stellar casting can not be called an actor's casting, but successful is definitely worth it.

Executive role

Among the experienced performers stands out SergeiRomanovich. The Russian actor of theater and cinema was previously known for participating in the production of TV series "Kitchen" and "Chernobyl: Zone of Alienation." The young artist's film debut was successful, the actor in the same name performed the role of the orphaned vocalist of the group "Tender May", who later became a star of the Soviet stage. After that, Romanovich played a supporting role in the television films "Escape" and "The Life and Adventures of Mishka Japonchik." Before the triumphant appearance in Anders Banke's project, the actor was removed exclusively in the rating series: "Embracing the Sky", "The Secret City", "The Oldest Daughter" and In the work of E. Bordukov, the actor played the role of a 17-year-old fan of street football, Constantine, who spends his days on the playground.The film "Box" actors, invited to participate in the production of the tape (including Romanovich), describe both the story of the choice and after dstviyah.

film box actors

Acting Casting

22-year-old Alexander Melnikov became famous andpopular after the release of the first season of the television movie "The Law of the Stone Jungle." During the casting, the actor, having met with the director, met with already approved for the role of Romanovich. Together they shot one episode in the courtyard, and just a week later the actor was confirmed for the role of Serge.

In addition to the dramas mentioned in the production,participation gaining momentum acting Sergei Podolny, charismatic debutant-handsome Kirill Degtyar, reincarnated as the hero of Damir, and other performers. All the actors worked well together, rallied in the real team, embodying on the screen various role models.

carton film

Professional sportsman-football player RuslanNigmatullin turned into a drama coach, approached the shooting process with all responsibility. The film "Box" actors called the real test, every day for three weeks, each performer for six hours practicing at the site of "Mosfilm": they learned to do tricks and other wisdom.

Men's cinema

In many respects due to the fact that in the drama "Box"actors and roles were selected each other by producer Elena Glickman, there are no complaints about the finished result either from the viewers or from the film critics. In general, the project is a testosterone male movie, so it does not actually trace a romantic line. Female character - the same age as Nastya's main characters - performed by actress Stasi Miloslavskaya appears to profitably dilute the male story with her feminine charm. Her judgments and her words for the film "Box" (male actors took the same view) is more important than her fashionable outfit. And then, as the director uses this character in the narrative, once again confirms his talent.

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