Lebedev Victor Mikhailovich - biography and creativity

Lebedev Viktor Mikhailovich - the famous Sovietcomposer, for universal love was awarded the title of People's Artist of Russia. He was born on January 5, 1935 in St. Petersburg (then this city was called Leningrad).

Uneasy times

Lebedev Victor Mihailovich
Unfortunately, very little information remained about the childhood and youth of the composer, as many documents were lost during the Second World War, and Viktor Mikhailovich Lebedev is not very verbose on this matter.

It is well known that at 25 years of agethe composer graduated from the conservatory of the city of Leningrad and specialized in the organ and piano class. It is worth noting that after the completion of his studies, Viktor Mikhailovich Lebedev began teaching at the Krupskaya LGIK. Every student of the conservatory and many ordinary music connoisseurs treat with great respect one of the greatest and most famous composers of the Soviet Union. A man who survived the war managed to get a higher education in difficult times and pleases people with fantastic works all his life.

And how can you not respect Viktor Mikhailovich? Composers who could boast that their creations sound in a hundred films, not so much. To be precise, Lebedev's music sounds in 106 movies. All critics and experts unanimously affirm that the key moment of the composer's work was cooperation with the director Svetlana Druzhinina in the film "Midshipmen, forward". However, their meetings could not take place, because a different author had to work on the musical accompaniment of the film. But it's not for nothing that they say that fate attracts the right people to each other.


lebedev viktor mikhailovich composer
Lebedev himself, Viktor Mikhailovich, agrees thatthis work became a springboard in the subsequent composer's career. Recalling that period, he notes that he was motivated by the competition with the composers of the movie about the Musketeers to write fantastic works. For him it was a challenge, which he dignifiedly accepted.

The composer also does not like it when about himthey speak only about the author of music for the "Midshipmen". He had many other good works. Talented composers are always needed, so soundtracks, as it is now fashionable to call, Viktor Mikhailovich continued to write after the collapse of the Union. It is worth noting that he is quite capable of withstanding competition with new authors.

The most famous creativity

viktor lebedev ballet
As Victor Lebedev often recalled, the ballet occupies a special place in his life. It was with his help that the composer managed to meet his first wife. They also have a common son - Alex.

Lebedev Victor Mikhailovich is a composer whohis years feel very good. Continues to engage in teaching, while also being the dean of the faculty in SPbGIC. The most famous works of Viktor Mikhailovich: "Seeing White Nights", "Heavenly Swallows", "Forgive-Farewell", "Wolf's Pit", "The Time of a Dancer", "Envy of the Gods", "Magnetic Storms", "It's Hard to Be God", " New, "" Behind the Mountains, Behind the Forests "," Diary of the Director of the School, "" You Have Me, "" Nut Krakatuk. "

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