AN Ostrovsky: drama "Thunderstorm"

The drama "Thunderstorm" was written by AlexanderNikolaevich Ostrovsky in 1859, the work appeared in print in 1860. The play was created by a playwright in the village of Shylykovo, where they bought a farmstead, and where he spent a lot of time. According to many literary critics, the plot reflected the mores of the Kostroma merchant class.

Drama of Thunderstorm
Until now, Kostroma can show the place wherethe heroine of the play rushed to the Volga, and the ravine, where she ran to see Curlya Varvara, was safely preserved, even on the map of Kostroma there is a street called Ovrazhnaya. True, Kineshma argues with Kostroma for the right to become the scene of the play's action.

Since the appearance in the press and staging at thethe play became the object of fierce controversy and clashes of different opinions of critics, theater experts, and even spectators. Millions of Soviet schoolchildren (following Dobrolyubov) repeated that Katerina was a ray of light in a dark kingdom. And many of Ostrovsky's contemporaries simply took this story as a family-psychological one. So, the drama "Thunderstorm" (summary): the powerful mother-in-law tyrants an honest and proud daughter-in-law who sincerely tries to be a good wife, but, as a sin, falls in love with another.

Drama Thunderstorm
By the way, that the husband of Katerina, Tikhon, that her secretlove, Boris, - two pairs of boots for taking responsible decisions. They hide behind the backs of others. And if in Tikhon, after the death of Katerina, at least a timid rebellion is planned, but rebellion against her mother, Boris simply escapes responsibility, saying goodbye to Katerina, says to her: "It's not my own will to go-my uncle sends me." You can think, of his own volition, it was impossible to leave, tea, not serf. By his betrayal, Boris pushes Catherine to commit suicide.

When you read textbooks of Soviet-era literature and compare it with what is given out by information sources today, you are amazed at the stability of those stamps with which "Groza" does not say goodbye.

Rarely will anyone remember the "dark kingdom" and "the stuffy world of the tyrants who reign in it", "the victims who oppose the dark kingdom" and then in the same spirit. And the drama "Thunderstorm" does not part with these stereotypes.

And if you abandon these learned from schoolformulations and re-read the play? Just a fresh look to see what is happening in the city of Kalinove. Is it so far away from the world in which Savel Dikoy rules, in other words, big money?

So, again. Drama "Thunderstorm". Ostrovsky has not yet uncovered all the riddles laid down by the plot of the play. Why Kabanikha so tyrannizes Catherine? Is it just the jealousy of the mother-in-law to the daughter-in-law, a feeling that is quite traditional and understandable to modern women? Or is it the projection of her own biography - after all, she used to be a young daughter-in-law in a rich merchant's house, and she had to submit and obey.

Drama Thunderstorm Island

There is in the play a heroine, which is customary to mentiona tongue twister - this is Sister Tikhon, Varvara. Here she, spit on morals and morals, runs from Kalinova with her beloved Curly. Does that mean that the person has a choice? Or does he continue to go with the flow? Or rushes into the river from despair?

The drama "Thunderstorm" asks many questions, but it makes readers and viewers think over the answers.

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