Russian actors - "Breakfast in bed"

Today we will discuss the film "Breakfast in bed." Actors and roles will be presented below. The director was Sergey Krasnov. It's about the melodrama of 2017, consisting of 4 series.


actors breakfast in bed
Discuss the plot of the series "Breakfast in bed." Actors and roles are named in the following sections. Arina Voloshina at the hotel works as a maid. Behind the girl the incomplete higher education in management. She dreams of opening her own hotel. In real life, she has hard work, as well as Tanya - a small daughter who grows without a father.

Key players

breakfast in bed with actors and roles
In this section you will see the mainroles actors. "Breakfast in bed" - a series in which the main character is Arina. M. Konyashkin embodied this image. The actress was born on July 7.

Alexei Demidov and Sergei Ivanyuk - who played two major male roles as actors. "Breakfast in bed" is a film in which they appeared, like Artem Gordin and Fedor. Let's talk in more detail.

Alexey Demidov was born in 1987, on August 24, in Nizhny Novgorod. He was in the "Commonwealth of Taganka Actors". Employee of the Russian news service.

Sergey Ivanyuk was born on June 20. I studied in the studio of Morozov. Plays in the Theater of the Russian Army.

Daria Poverennova was remembered by the audience as IrinaStein. This actress was born in 1972, June 15, in Moscow. Granddaughter of actor Sergei Lukyanov. She was educated at Shchukin College. He plays at the Mayakovsky Theater.

Other heroes

movie breakfast in bed with actors and roles
Further on, those who played the role of the secondplan actors. "Breakfast in bed" is a film in which Regina also appears. Maria Pirogova played this role. The actress was born in 1990, on January 12. Has received education on the course of Nifontov. Participated in the performances of the Obraztsov Puppet Theater.

R. Evdokimov and V. Agapova are also actors in the project. "Breakfast in bed" - this is a series in which they appeared as Serezha and Natasha. Let's talk about them in more detail.

R. Evdokimov was born in 1994, on the 4th of June. I studied at the workshop of Yu. M. Solomin.

V. Agapova was born in 1987. He plays in the theater of Satire. Participated in the project "Soldiers and Officers" - a television sketch show. Larisa played the main role in it.

Liza Izmailova played Tanya. The actress was born in 2007, on July 8, in Moscow

Maria Sitko embodied the image of Darya Alekseevna. This actress was born in 1961, on September 27. He plays at the Sovremennik Theater.

Alexander Belov played Ivan Demidovich. It's about the actor and the artist. He was born in 1947, on April 4. He plays at the Satire Theater. The actor acts in films, develops tricks, works with book graphics, and deals with design.

Sergei Stepin played Kondratyuk. The actor was born in 1965, on October 3. He studied at the Saratov Theater Institute, at the course of G. Tsinman, Yu. Osherov. I played in the Saratov Youth Theater. He plays at the Variety Theater. He also performs on other stages. He plays in the theaters of Mayakovsky, Tabakov and RAMT.

Artem Tkachenko played Matvei. The actor was born in Kaliningrad. He studied at the theater studio. He graduated from the school Shchepkin. He plays at the Shalom Theater.

Andrei Permyakov embodied the image of the governor. The actor was born in the Orel region. It comes from the family of directors Oleg and Nina Permyakov. I studied at the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts. He became the manager of the production agency "Melorama" Vlad Ryashin. Collaborated with the company "Ukraine - XXI Century" Oksana Bilozir.

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