Review of the film "Room of Fear": actors, plot, reaction of critics

The film "Room of Fear" is a project of the famousmaster of the thriller David Fincher, who took pictures of "Fight Club", "Seven", "Disappeared", released in 2002. Like previous Fincher paintings, audiences and critics praised his film "The Room of Fear". Actors Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, Forest Whitaker and Jared Leto performed the main roles in the film.

The creators of the film

Casting began in 2000. Initially, the role of Meg Oltman was approved by Nicole Kidman, and the role of her daughter Sarah - Hayden Panettiere. But in December of the same year, Hayden dropped out of the project, and she was replaced by Kristen Stewart. For Stewart this was the first notable role. Before that, the actress appeared in feature-length cinema only once, having played a small role in the drama "The Safety of Things".

In early January, the casting of the film was completed"Room of Fear", the actors and roles were approved, and work on the film began at full speed. But it did not last long. Two weeks after the filming began as a result of the accident, Nicole Kidman suffered a serious knee injury and could not continue working on the film "The Room of Fear". Actors Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie and Robin Wright, according to rumors, could replace Nicole Kidman, but eventually the role went to Jodie Foster, winner of two Oscar awards for the films "Silence of the Lambs" and "Taxi Driver."

"Room of Fear" actors

The suspension of filming due to Kidman's injury cost the film company an additional $ 10 million.

In February 2001, the shooting of the film "Room of Fear" resumed. Actors Jared Leto, Forest Whitaker and Dwight Yokam played the role of robbers who entered the house of the Altmanns.

"Room of Fear" actors and roles

The role of John Altman, the ex-husband of Meg, went to Patrick Bosho, known for the films "Cage" and "The Lair of the Serpent."


After a recent divorce from her husband, Meg Oltman, togetherwith daughter Sarah moves to a new house. The mansion is located in a prestigious area, equipped with a lift and a special room with steel walls, the so-called "room of fear", where you can hide in case of danger.

On the first night in a new house in a mansionthe thieves make their way. Meg and Sarah are hiding in the emergency room. Without having time to connect the phone, without the hope for help from the outside, they are waiting for the nightmare to end. But the situation is complicated by the fact that what the robbers came for is hidden in the "room of fear".

The actors of the movie "The Room of Fear"


The film received mostly positive reviewscritics. In their opinion, the dark atmosphere and exciting plot of the picture "Room of Fear" make it look like the thrillers of Alfred Hitchcock. David Fincher's talent once again helped him create an extraordinary thrilling thriller.

The actors of the movie "Room of Fear" also deserverecognition of critics. Especially appreciated the game of Jodie Foster and young Kristen Stewart. For the role of Meg Oltman Jodie Foster was nominated for the prize "Saturn", but never got a statuette.

The actors involved in the film "The Room of Fear" provided the film with a box office success - it raised $ 200 million at the box office.

After participating in this film, Kristen's careerStewart quickly went up the hill. A year later, she starred in the thriller "Devil's Mansion", then in the drama "Speak." In 2006 she performed the role of Lisa in the film "In the country of women", in 2007 she played the main role in the horror "Messengers", in 2008 she starred in the film "Twilight", which brought her world fame.

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