Group "Factory": through thorns to the stars

group factory
In the mid-nineties of the last century,West boomed a TV boom - a huge demand enjoyed a TV show, where simple children from the people learned to sing and could collect stadiums and thousand-room halls. Russian producers, having looked at their Western colleagues, did not think of anything better than how to copy such a show in a similar format. That's exactly the way the "Star Factory" project appeared on Channel One in 2002. For several months, the boys and girls selected by the producer center of Igor Matvienko, sought to break out into the leaders and become real superstars. At someone it turned out, at someone not so, as a result up to the ending have reached not all participants. One of the finalists was the group "Fabrika", consisting of four girls: Sati Casanova, Maria Alalykina, Irina Toneva and Alexandra Savelieva. The very first song of the newly-made quartet was "About love", which immediately fell in love with the fans of the "Star Factory" project and ordinary listeners.

The first changes in the composition

As a result, the group "Fabrika" took second place on the"Star Factory", giving way to the palm of first place to his good friends - the boyish quartet "Roots". Despite the second place, the group quickly became popular and recognizable, it began to invite to concerts and tours. The first six months everything went fine, but then Maria Alalykina decided to leave the team, because she preferred to get a higher education. Until now, fans of the team believe that the reason for Masha's departure was the conflict with Sati Kazanova for the leadership position in the group.

factory group

They did not seek to replace Alalykina, the group"Factory" continued to perform and record songs in the composition: Sati Kazanova, Irina Toneva, Alexander Savelyev. Soon the audience was presented with the song "Sea Calls", recorded by the girls and a colleague at the "Star Factory-1" - rapper Jam. The composition quickly dispersed throughout the country and became a hit of the summer of 2003. "Factory" is a rather unusual group, because it prefers not to shock the audience, but to attract its viewer with creativity, which, I must say, is excellent. In each composition, there are three independent vocal parts that weave into a single whole and form a harmonious sound. The group continued to increase its capacity, recorded clips, gave concerts throughout the country and even acted in television musicals. In parallel, the team managed to receive awards for their compositions. So, for today girls have won four "Golden gramophone".

"Factory": a new era

factory group composition
"Factory" is a group whose composition has changed three times. In 2010, the leading soloist of the team Sati Kazanova decided to start a solo career. In her place the producer of the group was taken by Ekaterina Lee, the former soloist of the group "Hi-Fi". In the new lineup, the trio continued its work and in 2011 took part in the show "Star Factory. Return ", where it showed itself on the best side. In 2013 the group "Fabrika" released another hit "Do not be born beautiful", which is in active rotation of Russian radio stations. Despite the fact that the press constantly talks about the disintegration of the collective, the girls just laugh in response.

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