Summary of "Kolobok" - fairy tales for the youngest

The article contains a brief summary of Kolobok, a fairy tale for the youngest.

A little about the fairy tale itself

collar short

This is a short magical story with a not very happy ending. They tell her the youngest children - from one year to three years. Than the fairy tale "Kolobok" is good:

  • it involves many heroes - an old man with an old woman, a bunny, a hare, a wolf, a bear and a fox, this gives an opportunity to introduce the child to many characters at once;
  • frequent repetitions make it easy to remember;
  • unpretentious plot and a rare change of scenery allows the child to better perceive history.

Of course, the end of a fairy tale is sad - a foxdeceives the kolobok and eats it. The child can be upset. The task of an adult is to present this story so that the child clearly understands who is who, figured out the very essence of what is happening.

The moral of the story is very simple and understandable even by the mostsmall children - you need to obey adults, you can not run away from home, you can not trust a stranger, not all affectionate words are truthful. To lead a child to these thoughts, you must first read to him a fairy tale, and then discuss with simple phrases: who he remembered in this fairy tale (list the characters), who is good (old people), who is bad (fox), who is naughty (bunny) and so on .

Summary of "Kolobok"

fairy tale

Once upon a time there lived an old man with an old woman. The old man asked the old woman to bake him a bun. The old woman kneaded the dough and sang a wonderful ruddy bun. She put it on the window. Kolobok soon got tired of lying on the window, he jumped down and ran away. He rolled along the path directly into the forest. In the forest I met a rabbit first, who said: "Kolobok, Kolobok, I'll eat you!" "Do not eat me, I'll sing you a song," he asked the bun and sang a hilarious little song about how the old woman baked it and how he ran away. And then he rolled in the woods. On the way he saw a gray wolf and a bear. They also wanted to eat a kolobok, but he each sang his fervent song and ran away. But I met a cunning little fox. He also sang his song and wanted to roll on, but the dexterous fox deceived him. She praised our unlucky traveler, complained that she did not hear well, and asked him to sit on her tongue and once again sing his wonderful song. Kolobok was glad that he liked the song, and without thinking, jumped on the tongue of the cunning red beast, who immediately swallowed it. Am - and there is no kolobok!

Here on such a not so joyful note and we will finish the short summary of "Kolobok". The story, which the Russian people composed, is really small, but very informative.

Characteristics of heroes

the main heroes of fairy tales of bells

It's hard to say who the main characters of the fairy tale are"The Gingerbread Man". It can be stated unequivocally that the colobok itself is the central character, while the rest of the actors (and muzzles) - the old man with the old woman and the forest animals - appear in the tale for a short time and all perform equivalent actions. The nature of all is different:

  • Kolobok - disobedient and boastful;
  • the old men are industrious and simple-minded;
  • a hare, a wolf and a bear are stupid;
  • fox - clever, cunning and dexterous.

Now you know the summary of "Kolobok", the moral of the tale and how to correctly tell her to the child.

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