Irina Epifanova: biography and creativity

Irina Epifanova - a singer who chose the genreits creativity rock. She is also known as an actress. The most famous for her was the participation in the group "Bravo" as a soloist. She also collaborated with Vladimir Tsvetaev, Boris Moiseyev and Maxim Fadeev. Is a representative of the State Theater actor.


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Irina Epifanova was born in Moscow, on February 161970. In 1992 she completed her studies at the Tambov School of Culture, choosing a pipe class. I took private lessons on vocals. In 1988 she collaborated with the group "Linkor Kibadadi". Since 1989, Irina Epifanova worked in a youth center called Iskra. We studied our heroine in GITIS on the course of Yuri Avsharov. By education she is an entertainer.


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Irina Epifanova made her debut on television in1990 in the framework of the qualifying round of the contest of young performers titled "Jurmala-90". Then she sang the song A. Pobereja "Tosca". Irina Epifanova took part in the competitions "Yalta-90", "Step to Parnassus" and "Gardemarines of Variety". At the festival called "Jurmala-90" our heroine was noticed by Eugene Khavtan. It was he who invited her to the team "Bravo". In the beginning of 1990 our heroine became the soloist of this group. Cooperation with the team ended abruptly. The leadership before her set a choice between cooperation with "Bravo" and participation in the contest under the name "Jurmala-Yalta 90" and jazz classics. The performer chose the second option. At the same time, she noted that in any case she intended to leave the group because of disagreements with Zhanna Khasanovna. Two songs that our heroine performed in the framework of cooperation with the Bravo group - "Red Light" and "Jamaica" - appeared on the record "Songs of different years". After leaving the band, the singer started actively touring the country. Soon she created the team "Sheik". With this group she performed compositions in grunge style. In this case, the performer was especially successful in folk songs and classical romances. It was for this peculiarity in 1991 that she was invited to the national team called "Boris Moiseyev and his lady". Among the numbers performed by our heroine was the famous "Serenade" by Schubert. By 1995 the "Shake" was dissolved. Soon there was a separation from Moiseev. It was at this point that our heroine began work on the first solo album. For this record, she recorded music in various styles: pop-rock, jazz, blues. The main accent was made on the elegance and beauty of arrangements and melodies. In 1997 she got married. For a short time I left the music world. However, a year later she gave concerts in clubs. The debut album entitled "The Way Home" was released by our heroine in 1999. A part of the songs for her was written by her husband Mikhail Kudeyarov. The album was appreciated by colleagues, in particular, by Eugene Havtan. Played in a musical called The Witches of Eastwick. She got the role of Felicia Gabriel.


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Now you know who Irina Epifanova is. We will present her songs to your attention. The following singles were released by the performer: "Tosca", "Invisible Man", "Dancing in the Clouds", "Rains Season", "The Light of Love", "You, Me and Jazz", "I Antarctica", "Lullaby", " Dream "," Find Me "," Watch Her Left Hand "," Auvfiederzeyn "," Dynamo Machine "," Snowy Summer "," Baiu-bai, Allo ".

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