Star biography: Olga Kabo - talented actress of theater and cinema

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation,a talented actress and beautiful woman Olga Kabo, whose biography will be described in the article, received a good preparation for her future career as a child. The parents of the future actress were engineers, but did not want their daughter to follow in their footsteps. They tried as early as possible to reveal the ability of her daughter to help her develop them, as her biography tells. Olga Kabo is now a popular specialist in the field of acting. She is invited to play a wide variety of roles, and all of them with brilliance are successful.

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Star biography: Olga Kabo in childhood

On January 28, 1968, a daughter was born to Kabo's family. For the first five years she lived in the Urals, and her grandmother was engaged in raising her parents while they earned a living. As a schoolgirl, at her father's insistence, she also practiced ballroom dances, music, and rhythmic gymnastics, and even attended a club of young cosmonauts. In the period from 1980 to 1985 she studied acting at the Young Muscovite Theater, which determined the choice of her life path. After eight grades Olga was transferred to the school with a theatrical and literary direction, after which she entered VGIK.

Star biography: Olga Kabo on the way to glory

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By the time it was the turn to receiveDiploma of Higher Education Olga already had a dozen works in the cinema. But her popularity caught up with her role in the nude in the "Comedy of Lysistratus," she was immediately declared "the sex symbol of the country." The actress herself with such a title did not agree. And, indeed, she is more a princess, a woman-dream, because most of her roles are romantic, lyrical natures.

Star biography: Olga Kabo in America

In the early 90's, Olga was invited to work in theUSA. There she starred in such films as "Running on Ice", "Funeral of Rats". The actress liked to work in the States, she said, the filming process is more organized than in Russia, and the actors are much more respected.

Biography of Olga Cabo: filmography

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The actress fell in love with the audience for courageous and at the same timetime is very romantic of her images. In the films "Knight's Castle", "Crusader", "The Adventure of Quentin Durward" she had to ride on horseback, and bravely fight on swords, and at high speed to rush on a motorcycle. Several times the actress even got injured, but she was not scared, she considers such cases as only a cost to the profession. Olga is still actively acting in films. Among the recent successful projects with the participation of Kabo, you can distinguish "Time of the Cruel", "The Sword of the Sea". In addition to roles in the cinema, Olga plays at once in two theaters. When asked how she manages to combine everything, she answers with a smile that she does not know herself either. Worthy of respect is the fact that now Olga is already a third higher education! And still has time to be a good wife and mother of two children.

Personal life and family. Olga Kabo. Biography

Male actress, Razgulyaev Nicholas - successfula businessman, he supports his wife. In August 2012 Olga gave her husband a son, who was named Victor. Another couple brings up Olga's daughter from her first marriage (with Vasilisin Eduard) - Tatyana. The girl is a very creative person, she studies in a boarding house at the Moscow State University, she is engaged in dancing.

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